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Espresso Machines

Have you ever wondered why coffee made in the cafe taste much better than what you have at home, in the office, in a restaurant, at fast-food establishments, etc.
It all starts with the right equipment, the espresso machines.

Fine Coffee Company is the only company in Asia that fully concentrates on the retail and service of semi-professional grade espresso machines.
Espresso machines Singapore

Machines that are less power hungry, smaller and efficient, but are capable of producing the same commercial quality espressos.
It put you on the same foot as the professionals, with a undisguisable difference.

That’s not all. Imagine a workhorse that is so tough and works practically forever with an endless availability of components.

You will also notice that we are the most affordable for the biggest brands, almost the same price as what you purchase in Europe. We have the largest collection of espresso machines with different variations, for you to choose the right machine suitable to your needs.

Training for your espresso machines?
Worried that you can’t use the espresso machines?
We are run by coffee specialists and trainers who had worked for the largest coffee companies in the world.
We keep things easy and straightforward for you to understand. We have a free academy open to the public, teaching you everything you need to know. Most students go home thinking it’s way easier than they thought!

Espresso machine Singapore & Malaysia collections.
We carry three main brands, Bezzera, Quamar and Expobar.

Parts and labour warranty cover every machine, serviced by qualified technicians who does tests before return.
We stock almost every original internal component and use the highest quality food-grade sealant and lubricant that have to be imported from Italy and Germany.

Accessories to match your espresso machines?
We have an excellent collection of high-grade grinders and barista accessories. That includes tampers, tamper stands, thermometers, professional latte art milk jars, grouphead cleaning brush, grouphead detergent, etc

We will only retail items that we deem usable by professionals.
Cleaning products that we use are used by the busiest cafes in Italy for decades, your espresso machines will be in good shape even with the least cleaning.

All our machines are on 13amp, single phase. Machines are straight forward to install, but you can request our specialised delivery team to install if necessary.

Most of the espresso machines can run on water tank; some have to be plumbed. We will recommend that users soften their water, or attach a water softener; this can significantly further increase the longevity of the espresso machine.

Assistance and services.
You are free to contact us via email or live chat for any information.
Or if you wish to know more? Meet us!

Our specialists at the experimental centre will be at your disposal.
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