coffee timer

Coffee Timer – Pearl White


An easy to use countdown timer for users who repeats the same extraction time.

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The coffee timer allows the user to time their shots, it’s very handy for baristas who repeat brewing the same coffee with the same timing.

It has a large LCD screen for easy viewing.

Of course, this timer can be used for other purposes.


Dimension: 70 x 53 x 9 MM


To use, switch on the timer first, the switch is on the back.

Press the seconds or minutes button to get to the right countdown time setting.

To activate, hit the start button.

Once it countdown to zero, it will sound an alert.

It has a memory feature and will return to the last set countdown timing


To reset all values, press the “MIN” and “SEC” button simultaneously or reset with the on/off switch.


It has a 7mm magnet behind to stick to a magnetic metal surface.

The coffee timer can also count up. It has an on/off button.

Powered by LR1130 battery.



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