Professional Coffee Machine

Ellisse 2011 Professional Coffee Machine Electronic PID VERSION 2 Groups


A professional machines that strives for offering excellence and consistency

Currently, commercial machines are build to order only.
It will require at least 3 months to craft and deliver.

The most innovative commercial machine, from the company who found the first espresso machine.

Available on backorder

Ellisse 2011 Professional Coffee Machine Electronic PID VERSION 2 Groups

The Ellisse 2011 Professional Coffee Machine is a commercial coffee machine that reduces the need for a barista.
The most feature rich and intelligent machine from Bezzera.
It has almost all the features available in the most expensive machines in the market, yet it’s probably the most affordable among all.

For offices, restaurants or cafes where consistency maybe a problem, where not everyone in the community maybe versed in making coffee.
The Ellisse Professional Coffee Machine has all the right features to deal with each issue.

The Ellisse 2011 Electronic version Professional Coffee Machine has 4 automatic dosage, so users can always get the same amount of coffee at the press of a button.
It’s also equipped with a PID which allows the master user to set the required temperature for perfect coffee.
The LCD screen will allow the users to monitor the status of the machine.
Cleaning is a breeze with quick flush.

Last it’s armed with an intelligent steam system, which allows the machine to automatically froth and stop.
The amount of air and the temperature can be fine tuned to reach the same quality every time.

Thermostatically controlled groups powered by a 50W electric resistance keeps group temperature stable, even under high usage conditions.
Ellisse 2011 Professional Coffee Machine is a heat exchanger machine, meaning it has plenty of steam power, it can steam milk and brew coffee at the same time.
The large working area and special grids allow to use up to 13 cm high cups.
Ellisse 2011 Professional Coffee Machine  models are equipped with an internal rotary motor pump connected directly to the water net.

For safety, it’s equipped with a double over-heating safety system, guaranteed by the boiler high-temperature cut-out thermostat and the hydraulic pressure gauge.

Grouphead..Bezzera’s Thermostatically Controlled Groups
Number of Groupheads..2
Boiler Type..Bezzera’s Improved Heat Exchange System
Pump type..Commercial Grade Rotary Pump
Quick Start Up..No
Quick Steam..Yes
Operation..Electronic Panel
Indicator Lights..On, off, heating
Boiler Capacity..11 Litres
Water Tank Capacity..0 Litres (Plump in only)
Water Tank Access..Not Available
Plumb in connection..Yes
Pressure Gauge..Brew
Internal Control..PID
Boiler Construction..Copper
Chassis Construction..Stainless steel AISI 304 body
Steam/Water Valve Type..Auto foam, panel control, manual valve
Low Water Cut Off..Yes
Low Water Indication..LCD
Heat Resistant Wands..Heat Proof Grips
Cup Warmer..Yes
Number of Portafilter Holders..TBC
Place of Production..100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera
Place of Assembly..100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera (By Hand)
Dimension..750 x 500 x 510 MM
Net Weight..70 KG
Gross Weight..83 KG
Power Supply..220-230V 50-60 Hz
Nominal Power..3000 W (Hard wiring required)
Warranty..1 Year



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Weight80 kg
Dimensions425 x 250 x 375 cm
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