Plumb In Installation Service


Service is currently available to Singapore only.

For plumbing in, the machine must have plumb in features and location must fit with a dedicated pipeline not more than 4 bars pressure within 1 metre, shared pipes will lead to pressure fluctuation. The machine must be connectable to a power outlet capable of operating the machine.

Water connection point must be able to fit in 3/8 or general fittings without modifications required.
Service does not include installations of new pipings, moderation of piping pressure, painting and reworking of furnishings.

Service also does not include electrical work or creation of power or water points.
Service doesn’t include grinder calibration.

Service is only available for machines sold by Fine Coffee Company and warrantied for six months.

Please send a picture of your water point to info@finecoffeecompany.com after order.

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