Bezzera BZ13 PM Push Button with BB005 Bundle


A traditional design favor by baristas around the world.


Bundle comes with the following:
1 Bezzera BZ13 PM
Bezzera BB005 Grinder with Timer

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Bezzera had identified a few flaws from the traditional systems, particularly from the traditional groupheads.
The most glaring problem? Waiting a long time for your first cup.

Video of usage with a BZ13 DE PID


The Bezzera BZ13 PM is probably the fastest semi-professional machine ever invented.
Required start-up time is half of what’s needed for an E61 system and 20% faster than its predecessor BZ10.
Compare to an E61 heat exchanger system. The required heat-up time is drastically reduced to around 12 to 15 minutes instead of 20 to 30.


Dual Pressure Gauge.

Features an important brew gauge and a steam boiler gauge, useful for identifying any anomalies during brewing and readiness of the machine.



It’s a heat exchanger heating system and it’s designed to run at a slightly higher temperature at the initiation.
Followed by a steady reduction of temperature to strike an equilibrium in a standard 25-30 seconds extraction.
This expands and fully blossom all the characters in the coffee. At the same time, release aromatic notes only found in lower temperature and reduce the bitterness in coffee.


Copper boiler.

A safe material with natural anti-microbial properties to continuously kill 99.9% of bacteria that cause hospital-acquired infections, keeping water in the boiler always potable. One of the most conductive metal on earth, making the machine very efficient in starting up and recovering from lost heat. Will never rust like stainless steel, or release lead from brass, will only oxidise and increase its antimicrobial properties as its age.


High-quality Bezzera boiler.

Many manufacturers purchase their components from 3rd party vendors around the world, of unmeasured quality and reliability. Bezzera welds and makes all their boilers from their factory in Milan. Boilers are tested at high pressure to ensure that they are safe for usage.


Food Grade material

A few years ago, users from Europe had found out that many espresso machines, including cafe machines, are leaching huge amount of toxic metal. That includes aluminium, lead and other metal that can cause bioaccumulation and toxification. Potentially causing organ damages, cell mutations and other complications.

Bezzera’s machines were found to be among the safest, topping the result in lab tests as compared to its peers. It’s interesting to know that some machines with stainless boilers, which were claimed to be safer, actually fared much worse with high level of lead detected in the water.

That’s possible because Bezzera is a real factory that produces most of its main parts inhouse, with full control over its production and parts. With ample experience of over 100 years and huge amount of R&D done to understand what’s best for the machine, and also the user. The machines are safe enough for us to feel assured that they can be used by our own family

Bezzera scrutinize all their suppliers with the most stringent requirement, in both performance and material integrity.  All parts are produced in Italy and most parts by Bezzera themselves. This is a stark difference compared to many companies who outsource or purchase components wholesale and only does assembling in their factory without much tests or evaluations done.

Not only that, we are pleased to inform you that all newer machines are now equipped with a new generation of fittings and parts that make the safe material they use, significantly safer. This is the type of quality that you can’t see in the specifications.



The Bezzera BZ line is known to express brighter notes with greater clarity as compared to standard E61 machines.


Fresher water.

Being a heat exchanger means that the turnover of water usage is faster, meaning only fresh water will be used for brewing.


Power Saving.

With its fast start up time, it means that coffee can be brewed sooner using less power.


Thermal stability.

Multiple industrial grade heating elements are directly placed within the grouphead to ensure that the temperature is maintained within the optimal range

The Bezzera BZ13 PM’s grouphead is shielded by an extended chassis.
This provides thermal protection from wind gust and provides better stability.
The extended chassis also allows more cups placement.
Faster thermal recovery.

As this is not a thermosyphon system, the drop of temperature in the boiler after extensive use will not drop the temperature at the grouphead. The grouphead’s temperature is maintained by individual heating elements. This allows users to repeat shots back to back more rapidly.



Due to the design of the heat exchanger, minimal cool flushing is required.
The design does not hinder the steam power.



The Bezzera BZ13 Push Button version had been redesigned to be almost 20% smaller and lighter compare to an E61 system.
The smaller size makes them easier to transport and has a much smaller footprint.


Easy Portafilter Fastening.(New upgrade)

All BZ machines are now provided with a new special gasket for the grouphead, which makes it very comfortable and easy to lock the portafilter.
End users will appreciate this new upgrade on the “BZ” range, you feel the machine more professional when you fit the filter holder compare to any other machines.

User fastening with just a finger strength

User fastening with just a finger strength

No leaks despite not feeling tight from the high quality soft gasket.

No leaks despite not feeling tight from the high quality soft gasket.

Users may feel it’s not tight, at 7 O’clock lock, but they are sealed.


Improved Grouphead Cleaning

E61 removing screen problem animated

E61/Lever shower screen damaged during removal

Some users may find it difficult to remove the shower screen from common groupheads like E61 or levers by prying. Damaging the rims of the screen in the process.

BZ removing screen animated

BZ line shower screen removal

The BZ has an improved design and resolved the problem.

Shower screen condition comparison after 2 years

Shower screen condition comparison after 2 years

BZ Shower screen can remain in pristine condition after removal, saving cost.

BZ Grouphead Cleaning

BZ Grouphead Cleaning

The gasket remains in the grouphead after the shower screen is out. The exposed gasket can be cleaned directly without risk of damaging from removal. Saving time and cost.


Less Cleaning & Maintenance Required.

The BZ grouphead has a design to minimize the amount of space in the grouphead which reduces the chance of coffee remnants getting trapped and pollute the next cup. It is always more capable of producing a cleaner tasting espresso. It doesn’t use a thermosyphon system to stabilise the grouphead’s temperature, which greatly increases the chance of limescale forming. The grouphead is overall much cleaner than an E61 system or most machines, and requires less frequency of deep cleaning with grouphead detergent.



As there’re more than one heating element to share the duty of heating. The main heating element at the boiler, which is a major component is less strained.

BZ groupheads are designed in a way to be easier and a lot cheaper to service. Compare to E61 or machines of a similar genre, the BZ cost of servicing the grouphead is almost 50% less. Not only that, servicing for the BZ grouphead is required less frequent as there is not much space for coffee remnants to get trapped. In the event when maintenance is required, the grouphead can be easily removed and cleaned more thoroughly, restored to a better condition.

Unlike the E61, which has a lot of brass cams, valves and rubber gaskets in the grouphead that are subjected to wear and tear. There are no moving parts inside the BZ grouphead for mechanical failure.


In this version, the Bezzera BZ13 PM has a manual push button control for activation.
Bezzera BZ13 PM is suitable for any small to medium size environment.
It is a heat exchanger system, users can brew and froth milk at the same time.




The difference between the Bezzera BZ07, BZ09, BZ10, BZ13, BZ16 and Crema?


The BZ07 had been discontinued and replaced by BZ13/Crema.

BZ09 is a single boiler, mainly for users who drink plain espressos or long blacks.
They are very basic, the user has to refill the boiler with water manually, there’s no automation.
They require more steps and more time to make a cup of latte.
Consider that heat exchangers are getting more competitive in price, have more functions and fare better in taste tests, they are considered obsolete.

BZ10 is the simplest model for the heat exchanger and very affordable.
Though simple, the flip side is they don’t cost much to service.
They are good for making espressos, as well as lattes or cappuccinos.
Despite the size, they have no problem providing cafe-quality coffee.

BZ13 is an enhanced version of the BZ10. They heat up and recover lost heat faster.
The PM version is the basic version.  The DE PID version has more features like digital temperature control, programmable dosage dispenser and can be switched on for a longer time.

The Crema is the latest addition, released in 2020.
They are basically the same as BZ13 except that the sides are painted white for the elegance and reduce the appearance of fingerprints. The dosage buttons had been replaced with something more durable. They are only available with the wooden knobs. Although they are enhanced in many ways compared to the BZ13, they are priced better.

The BZ16s are for heavy traffic environment.
They have a programmable dosage dispenser and some of the key components inside are meant for gruelling usage.
The version with the vibration pump can draw water from a water tank. Vibration pumps are generally “weaker”, and can’t be overworked, they will burn out if you don’t allow some rest time. The good thing is they are cheap to replace and serviceability is still considered high.
The version with the rotary pump is built like a tank. Matter of fact, they might be even tankier than many modern commercial machines in the market. They only take in water from a connected tap directly or can draw water from an external water source, like from a jerry can. The bad news is, this machine can’t use those cheap disposable water softener cartridges.



Reviews: Rating: 9.4 / 10 Rating: 9.2 / 10 Rating: 9.4 / 10 Rating: 9.2 / 10 Rating: 9.8 / 10 Rating: 9.6 / 10 Rating: 10 / 10 Rating: 9.6 / 10 Rating: 9.8 / 10

Warning: Be careful of hot surfaces, water and steam at all time.
Do not allow vibration pumps to activate for more than 2 minutes, allow half amount of rest time for any long duration of activation.


Grouphead.. Bezzera’s Thermal Efficient Grouphead
Boiler Type.. Bezzera’s Improved Heat Exchange System
Pump type.. Commercial Grade Vibration Pump
Quick Start Up.. Yes
Quick Steam.. Yes
Operation.. Push Button
Indicator Lights.. On, off, heating
Boiler Capacity.. 1.5 Litres
Water Tank Capacity.. 3.0 Litres
Water Tank Access.. Via separate flap
Plumb in connection.. No
Pressure Gauge.. Brew
Internal Control.. Pressurestat
Boiler Construction.. Copper
Chassis Construction.. Stainless steel AISI 304 body
Steam/Water Valve Type.. Joy stick
Low Water Cut Off.. Yes
Low Water Indication.. Light
Heat Resistant Wands.. Heat Proof Grips
Cup Warmer.. Yes
Number of Portafilter Holders.. 1 Double Filter Holder, with both Single and Double Baskets
Free Accessories Metal Blind Filter, Coffee Powder Scoop and Plastic Tamper.
Place of Production.. 100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera
Place of Assembly.. 100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera (By Hand)
Dimension (W x D x H).. 250 x 450 x 375 MM
Net Weight.. 19 KG
Gross Weight.. 22 KG
Power Supply.. 220-230V 50-60 Hz
Nominal Power.. 1400W
Warranty.. 6 Months

Link to official website: BZ13

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