The Simple Sandalwood 58mm Tamper


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The Simple Sandalwood 58mm Tamper

The handle of the Simple Sandalwood 58mm Tamper is made of solid sandalwood, oiled with a naturally safe material. The base is made of stainless steel.
The tamper is designed to be practical, with a grip that is comfortable to hold and control.


Standard Flat or Flat Ripple

58mm tamper

Flat ripple on the left, standard flat on the right

Comes with two options to choose from.
The standard flat is simple but versatile, good for any types of filter baskets. It is in matt finish.
The flat ripple base prints some grooves on the coffee bed and increases the amount of exposed surface area during pre-infusion to improve channelling.

Good fit

This is designed to have a diameter of almost exact 58mm.
At the same time, it’s not too big to leave the edge of the tamper gapless, which can result in a vacuum while removing the tamper and destabilise the coffee bed.




We work with craftsmen directly to get this splendid tamper at a great price.


No VOC and food-grade

No harmful volatile organic compounds are released from the material. All materials are food grade with no toxicity.


It fits all 58mm portafilter for all machines sold by Fine Coffee Company.

Aftercare notice

As the material is made with solid wood, scratches can appear on the surface of the product upon contact with a hard object.
The product, specifically the handle, is not dish washer proof and should not be washed with water. Cleaning should be done with a wet cloth.

In the event, there’s a lot of scratches formed on the handle. It’s possible for the user to file away the top coat and apply a coat of protective lacquer or oil. Users are encouraged to make sure that the material used for coating is food grade.


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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

Standard Flat, Flat rippled

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