Looking for a Job/Staff?

Being an equipment provider, we have the opportunity to work with many coffee-related companies who are seeking new manpower.
We are also aware of baristas who like to explore new fields or advance in their career pathways.

Staffs are important to keep a business going and coffee making is a passion many baristas wish to stay working with.
We will be happy to assist employers and employees to find a right match.

For employers, please use the contact form.
Please be aware that Fine Coffee Company is not responsible for any verifications of provided records.

For employees, please fill up the form below.
By providing any details below, you agree that the given information can be released to any interested parties or to be published.
The more information provided, the higher chance the employer is certain of your calibre and expectations.
To withdraw application for any reason, please notify us at info@finecoffeecompany.com

Disclaimer: The employment matching platform is a free service and all agreeable contracts are wholly between the employer and the employee.

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