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Used by Michelin restaurants, hotels and cafes. Produced by the most prestigious roasters in Italy. Coffee beans Singapore wholesaler.

Coffee Beans Singapore

Join hundreds of prestigious clients from the hotel, cafe and restaurant industries by choosing us.

All coffee are developed and produced in Italy by a panel of experienced and respected specialists consist of International juror for the Cup of Excellence, CSC certification graders and Italian baristas. Supplied to hundreds of cafes, restaurants, hotels who wish to offer the best. There’s a full range of coffee for all types of coffee machines or extraction methods. Be it in as an espresso, dripped, or for filtered coffee.


Certified Specialty Coffee (CSC) certification is an expensive and stringent process to confirm that the coffee had passed all the standards required to be recognized as a specialty coffee. Coffees are not only tested once but repeatedly to ensure consistency in every batch. The CSC adopts an array of requirements that are far more stringent than SCAE with far lesser members that are ever considered qualified.

Most coffee wholesalers do not conduct any stringent tests but accept claims from the farmers directly, which are often incorrect or exaggerated. Certification is also a costly and lengthy process which most roasters are not willing to venture or only done once for the initial sample. Certified coffee makes it possible to trace back to the exact farm, farmer and production worker. This ensures accountability and can confirm that the farm adhere to ethical and correct farming practices. Quality control checks are done at every junction of the production process. Also matched with the previous batch, to confirm they are of the same consistency.

All coffee had been processed with the best industrial equipment in the market. Coffee are specially gassed in their pouch to ensure a long shelf life with minimal distortion and allows the coffee to age to a consistent condition in every pack. This means that the user can expect to easily reproduce coffee of the same consistent quality. All beans are properly destoned to eliminate the risk of grinder damage. Foreign objects among coffee is common, they are the main cause to grinder damages. Such industrial equipment are not used by majority of the small to mid scale roasters due to high cost.

Coffee is not only tested by infusion, but also in its espresso form. Coffees are graded fairly base on standards depending on where it came from and the type of species. An example is a natural Brazilian coffee should not be expected to have the same aroma as coffee from Ethiopia, and Ethiopian coffee is not expected to have the same body as the Brazilian. This allows a fairer assessment and allow formulation of blends that taste incredibly pleasant.

Roasted Coffee Beans

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Le Piantagioni Recognized by Forbes as Italy top 100 excellent food producer, only recipient in the specialty coffee category. The founder Mr. Enrico Meschini is also the founder and president of CSC-Certified Speciality Coffee association of Italy. A pioneer member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and is an International juror for the Cup of Excellence (CoE) where the best competition grade coffee are judged professionally to be sold for what it's worth. The brand that makes us the biggest coffee beans Singapore supplier.

Specialty People Blend

A blend of CSC certified single estate specialty coffee, roasted separately to achieve their best possible profiles before being carefully mixed together. Every blend has its own unique character with a delightful bouquet. These are good starters for people interested in specialty coffee.

Di Piantagione Coffee

Carefully roasted, single estate specialty coffee. Enjoy each coffee fully in its own character. For those looking for a more unique experience, to fully immerse into the details of the artisan product.



Do you know? At least 95% of the coffee sold in the market are not in the specialty coffee range or falsely advertised as one?

Arcaffè Arcaffè was found by the Meschini family in 1895 and had been serving cafes in Livorno for over 125 years. The old brand was later helmed by Mr. Enrico Meschini who is a visionary and a pioneer to the concept of specialty coffee. Some of the recipe and coffee used are the same as it was in the 1920s, using high quality pure Arabica coffee which were considered expensive and exotic at that time, still considered avant garde by today’s standard.

If you are looking forward to experience drinking authentic Italiano coffee of very high quality. It has to be Arcaffè. Today, the company had improved their coffee significantly by using much CSC certified coffee and new roasting tactics.

Taste of Italy’s finest

Old authentic Italian recipes, revitalised by improving the quality of the crop to reach the stringent CSC certification standard. The version 2.0 of the familiar classics. Arcaffè remains to be very popular among the mass. Tonnes are sold to offices and restaurants every year. Coffee Beans Singapore top favorite brand chosen by restaurants and cafes.

Bezzera Bezzera’s coffee are processed by one of the leading roasters in Italy and their coffee are carefully blended to have a strong emphasis on the body and balance in an espresso.

Classic Italiano

The blends are versatile, easy to extract and taste just like the typical espresso found in cafe bars around Italy.

Do you know? Certified Specialty Coffee (CSC) has a far more stringent set of requirements and require coffee of every batch to be tested? Certificate stickers that have to be pasted on the coffee bags are issued directly from the committee and in amount equivalent to the amount of coffee ordered.

Ground Coffee Powder

Do you know? Coffee blends are typically more preferred as different coffee mixing together can produce a wider spectrum of flavours. You can also use multiple coffee to create a more balanced taste or body. Single origin coffee must be carefully selected and carefully roasted to be not too dark to preserve its character. They usually lack body but generally taste more interesting, expressed solely in its own character.

Coffee Pairing

Cookies and sugar sachets to perfect your coffee session. Produced in Italy, traditionally and ethnically.


Blend summary 2020
Certified Speciality Coffee

Certified Speciality Coffee

Coffee blends that are certified are definitely labelled with a unique registration number that can trace back to the origin.
Established in 1996, an association of Technical Committee was formed to establish whether or not a coffee is a “specialty” coffee.
For every country of production of green coffee, the committee establishes the essential characteristics that define its excellence for the purposes of obtaining CSC quality certification, That includes the best growing areas and their ideal altitude, the excellent quality standards and the best period for shipment. Producers must demonstrate the quality of their crops
Once a year, producers must send the CSC representative samples of their coffee harvest, so that its quality can be assessed. An unloading check verifies the quality of every batch purchased by members
Every time a member roaster purchases a batch of coffee beans, CSC takes a sample of it when the ship arrives in port. This is sent to the cuppers who compare it with the previously cupped crop sample. If they confirm that the quality of the two samples is the same, CSC sends the roaster the correct number of labels in proportion to the quantity of coffee purchased. Those, in brief, are the parameters that a coffee a “special” certified coffee.
For more details:

Organic agriculture

Organic agriculture

The definition “organic farming” indicates a production system that only permits the use of natural inputs, i.e. occurring naturally in our ecosystem, excluding the use of chemicals (synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides). This comes true thanks to a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions. In order to safeguard the natural fertility of the soil, the organic farmers only employ organic substances and offer to the consumers products not contaminated by chemicals and obtained through environmentally sustainable methods.
What are the main principles of the organic farming? The International Federation of Organic Agriculture (I.F.O.A.M.) established the following:
– to transform as many farms as possible in a self-sufficient farming system based on the local resources
– to safeguard the natural fertility of the soil;
– to avoid any form of pollution determined by farming techniques;
– to produce a sufficient supply of good quality and nutritious food and other products
In order to obtain the organic certification, producers have to follow a strict process which includes a minimum two-year conversion period from standard to organic farming system. All the parties involved in the organic supply chain, such as Le Piantagioni del caffè, are subject to regular audits carried out by the control bodies which verify the compliance of their products to the standards.
Only once this procedure is strictly respected, it will be possible to show the organic label on the coffee.

Fairtrade certification

Fairtrade certification

Testifies that in the production of our coffee, small local producers in developing countries have been guaranteed an adequate salary and improved living conditions, offering them a margin that allows them to invest in community development projects and sustainable growing techniques. Fair Trade enables consumers, companies and institutions to take regard of the social, economic and environmental consequences of their purchasing.
When a product carries the FAIRTRADE Mark it means the producers and traders have met Fairtrade Standards which are constantly revised and improved. The producers have to follow business development plans based on ethical principles such as an environmental sustainability of the agricultural process, the prohibition of any discrimination among the workers, the ban of child labor, obligatory contract based hiring.
There is a commitment for traders to a long-term trading partnership that enables both sides to co-operate. Fair Trade transactions exist within an implicit “social contract” in which buyers (including final consumers) agree to do more than is expected by the conventional market, such as paying fair prices, providing pre-finance and offering support for capacity building. Finally, the processing companies like ours, are committed to comply with the specific requirements involving the use of the Fairtrade mark, the packaging of the products and the product traceability, providing written contracts and pre-finance.


  • Many often misunderstood how long coffee beans can be used after roasting. Modern packaging equipment can not only halt the oxidization process in the coffee pouch but actually helps to stabilize the beans to age till a consistent condition. This solves the frustrating problem with consistency which many café operators are still dealing with everyday. If the coffee did not get properly gassed in the bag, every bag will not be consistent in its condition. This means that the barista has to tune their grinder more often from a fresh slate.

    All Arcaffè, Le Piantagioni, and Bezzera coffee bags are hermetically sealed and gas flushed with the most advanced modified atmospheric systems in Italy. This enables coffee to be kept in its sealed bags for a year with minimal deterioration and are absolutely safe! Not only that, the pressurized packaging allows the coffee to age to the same consistency. This eliminates the problem of using coffee that has not rested enough, which has a deceivingly thick crema produced from retained carbon dioxide. Such espresso taste flat from incomplete degassing. This also gets significantly reduce the issue of coffee deteriorating too much in the bag within a year. In fact, if the coffee isn’t properly gassed, they are usually only good for 1 to 2 weeks.

    The coffee are all packed with the most advance machines in Italy. Such practices are not done by most small or medium sized roasters due to the exorbitant cost. It was also deemed that at least 40% of the one-way valves used in UK don’t work, with the number expected much larger in Asia. As such, advocates of coffee must be finished within a short time frame was echoed in the community by individuals who did not found success with packaging coffee beans for long-term storage.

    For our coffee, users can stock and order our coffee with confidence!

  • As long as  you have a coffee grinder, you can use our coffee beans. We have many blends and each has its own character distinctively different from the rest, you can definitely find a blend suitable for your preference.

    Whether you are doing espresso, latte, filtered coffee, pour over, french press, Turkish coffee, cold brew, or even traditional asian kopi, there should be a suitable blend. We will strongly recommend establishments to give us a try and notice the difference yourself.

  • Cafes and offices actually make up the majority of our sales. We have bulk deals that are priced reasonably, especially if you recognize the fact that our coffee are truly certified specialty coffee processed with the most advance methods and equipment from Europe.

    Enrico Meschini, the founder for both Arcaffè and Le Piantagioni is the international juror of the Cup of Excellence for judging international crops. He is also the current president of the current CSC certification which is more stringent than SCAE.

    Together with his panel of experts, researchers and experienced staffs, you can be assured that the quality is among the best not only within Singapore but in the world.


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