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We are Specialty Coffee Recognized by Forbes!

The ONLY Coffee Beans Singapore supplier using 100% authentic, non-counterfeit specialty coffee. Our Italian coffees are used in embassies, by royalties, luxury showrooms and in many speciality cafes in Italy. For coffee lover looking for the best roaster Singapore can find.

Coffee Beans Singapore Forbes featured 2024

Le Piantagioni is the only speciality coffee highlighted by Forbes Magazine as Italy’s top 100 Excellent products. Arcaffè is dedicated to premium class Italian coffee. The finest quality coffee beans from Italy’s top coffee roasters.

Mr. Enrico Meschini, the owner of both brands, is the president of CSC-Certified Speciality Coffee Association in Italy and the International judge for the Cup of Excellence (CoE) competition. Which is the grandest coffee grading event, dubbed the ‘Oscars of the coffee world’. With exclusive access to the finest and rarest coffee, giving you a spectacular coffee experience found nowhere else. Our extensive range is fully dedicated to coffee lovers and coffee aficionados from around the world.

Bulk Deal Coffee Wholesale

Bulk deals are suitable for F&B establishments, offices and cafes. They are not only more affordable, they fare decently in taste tests.
Email us if you need our coffee specialists to help you to choose the right coffee!

Coffee Beans Singapore Le Piantagioni specialty coffee roaster

Recognized by Forbes as Italy top 100 excellent food producers. Only recipient in the premium coffee roaster category. The brand that makes us the biggest Singapore coffee beans supplier and wholesaler.

Coffee Beans Singapore Specialty People arabica beans signature Blends

CSC-certified specialty coffee blends. Single origin coffee beans roasted separately to achieve their best possible profiles before being carefully mixed together. Every blend has its own unique character with a delightful bouquet. Good starters for people venturing into specialty coffee.

Singapore Coffee Beans Di Piantagione Single Origin beans, arabica beans with new roasts

Carefully roasted range of exotic single origin beans. Absolute best speciality coffee beans from around the globe. Enjoy each single origin coffee fully in its own character. For those looking for a more unique experience, to fully immerse into the details of the artisan product.

Italian Coffee

Arcaffè was found by the Meschini family in 1895, serving cafes in Livorno for over 125 years. The brand was later helmed by Mr. Enrico Meschini who is a visionary and a pioneer of the concept of specialty coffee. Some of the recipe and coffee used are the same as it was in the 1920s. Replaced with higher quality pure Arabica coffee and improved roasting processes. A worthy choice for coffee lovers looking for authentic Italian coffee at its finest possible presentation.

Coffee Beans Singapore Taste of Italy's finest

Old authentic Italian coffee recipes. Version 2.0 of the familiar classics. Tonnes are sold to offices and restaurants every year. Great Italian coffee collection that are always well loved by seasoned coffee drinkers.

Coffee brands Singapore Bezzera coffee roasters

Bezzera’s coffee is processed by one of the leading roasters in Italy and their coffee is blended to have a strong emphasis on the body and balance in an espresso.

Coffee Beans Singapore CLASSIC ITALIANO signature blends, other coffee beans. Highest grade robusta coffee beans in Singapore that taste similar to Arabica

The blends are versatile, easy to extract and taste just like the typical Italian coffee found in cafe bars around Italy. Great coffee to start your day for those looking for intensity and thick body.

Cold Brew

Perfect for a community. Quick cold brew with no machines needed.


Top 1% Certified BEST Coffee Beans in the World. Coffee Beans Singapore Store. Used by Barista Champions. 100% Italy Made. You’ll DEFINITELY want our FREE tips on how to select the best coffees. FREE Coffee Bean Singapore delivery with $50 purchase.

Coffee Summary

Learn how to purchase coffee like an expert in 5 minutes!

TOP 1% Certified BEST Coffee in World. Coffee Beans Singapore Shop. Competition Grade. Speciality Coffee Singapore. Check our FREE tips & delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coffee Beans Singapore Question 1

Are Your Coffee Certified

To avoid receiving counterfeit coffee beans in Singapore, most of our coffee conforms to CSC certification, which is the strictest standard for coffee production in the world. That’s how it makes us one of the best-known coffee Singapore wholesaler.

Coffee Beans Singapore CSC certified
Coffee Beans Singapore Organic certified
Coffee Beans Singapore Fairtrade certified

Certifications of Good Coffee

The certifications are recognized professionally in the coffee industry and are of the most stringent standards. The examinations are done by independant organisations with their own inspectors. Coffee is fully traceable to the farmer, harvester and coffee roasters.

From the beginning of the coffee is green till it becomes an espresso, every step is inspected, to be of consistent and high quality. They are fit for use in coffee cafes using professional coffee machines.

Coffee Beans Singapore Question 2

How Can I be Sure That You Are Using Good Specialty Coffee Bean?

It’s true that most of the whole beans sold in the market are falsely advertised or are counterfeit coffee. Particularly for coffee powder or instant coffee, it’s not uncommon to be adulterated with another material to increase the quantity. This is an increasing trend during sharp inflation.

The best coffee beans in the world are auctioned off in the Cup of Excellence. The highest integrity in coffee grading where the most expensive coffee is sold at tens of thousands of dollars per sack. We don’t claim to be of the same grade as those coffee beans are only available in limited lots. Which is impossible to meet our demands

But our partner Mr. Enrico Meschini is the international Juror for the Cup of Excellence. Has negotiated exclusive agreements to have access to the best coffee from the same plantation that are near the competition-grade range. These are probably the best coffee bean Singapore can get.

The lowest grade single-origin Arabica are at least Brazil’s Cerrado which are used for the decaffeinated range. Lovers of hipster third wave coffee will be pleased, as we have varieties of coffee that are unique and not available from mass market. Beans are roasted in-house in our partner’s roastery in Italy and delivered straight to Singapore

Coffee Beans Singapore Question 3

What’s the difference between coffee processed with the Natural and Washed methods?

Coffee beans processed with the wash method could express clarity in the floral and fruity notes but there’s an increase in acidity with a reduction in the body.

Using the natural method could intensify the ripe fruity notes, improving body and sweetness.

Here’s a more detailed article: Washed Coffee vs Natural Coffee: Understanding Processing Methods

Coffee Beans Singapore Question 4

What’s Italian Coffee?

Our coffees are all from Italy and Italy has different preferences for coffee depending on the area. If you are looking for the type of coffee typically used in cafe bars in Italy, then you will be spoilt for choice with what we have. In Northern Italy, they will prefer a stronger and more intense blend. The Le Piantagioni’s Mediterraneo, Arcaffè Margo and Bezzera Buon Giorno are all good representations,

In Southern Italy, they will prefer more balance with less bitterness but slightly brighter flavours. For this, we will recommend Arcaffè Gorgona, Arcaffè Elba or Le Piantagioni’s Lab #106.

Coffee Beans Singapore Question 5

Which Are The Best Coffees For Me?

Anyone who understands food should tell you that there’s no such thing as the best coffee beans in Singapore or in the world and it will be really difficult to tell which will be suitable. The best way is to taste yourself with different brewing methods or grind size. Be it as black coffee with drip bags or as a latte.

We have an article on how to pick a coffee from the roaster like a pro which you may find useful for your first order.

Coffee Beans Singapore Question 6

Can I Use Your Roasted Coffee Beans?
(Espresso machine, filtered, drip)

Coffee Beans Singapore delivery specialty coffee roasters

You can produce your favorite coffee recipe, whether a cold brew or a double-up coffee with our roasted coffee.

Our coffees are commonly found in apartment coffee bar counters, used in office and cafes. They are used in many of our partner cafes in Singapore using our professional coffee machines. They are also used widely in restaurants as well as local coffeeshops that wish to offer better quality for their customers.

They are excellent for producing espresso drinks or white coffees with milk. Whether is it espresso with milk like a latte, Spanish latte or cappuccino. Or black coffees like espresso, cold brew, or filter coffee.

Our Singapore coffee beans collection has the best coffees roasted to different profiles, could produce the perfect cup you are after. We have a wide range of coffee, from dark chocolate to fruity floral notes.

Singapore Coffee Beans Question 7

How Long Can You Keep Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans In Singapore?
Why Our Packaging Solved The Problem?

Many misunderstood how long coffee can be kept and has the misconception that only freshly roasted coffees are good. Modern packaging facilities have solved this problem and could reduce the oxidization process in coffees.

Our bags are hermetically sealed with Italy’s most advanced modified atmospheric systems, dedicated specifically for coffee. This enables the content to be kept in its sealed bags for a year with minimal deterioration. The pressurized packaging also allows the coffee to age to the same consistency. This eliminates the problem of using coffee that has not rested enough with unpredictable after-roast conditions. Which can produce a deceivingly thick crema produced from retained carbon dioxide. That taste is very flat from incomplete degassing.

Such professional practices are not done by most small or medium-sized local coffee roasters due to the exorbitant cost. It was also found that at least 40% of the one-way valves used in the packaging used in the UK don’t work, with the number much larger in Asia. As such, advocating that coffee must be finished within a short time frame was echoed in the community by many smaller coffee roasters who have not successfully packaged freshly roasted coffee beans for long-term storage.

We do not have this problem and our customers can attest to it as we always sell in bulk by the cartons.
Our coffee packaging does not include a roasting date, but rather an expiration date. This approach eliminates the need for customers to estimate or speculate about the freshness of the coffee, thus providing them with a clear, unequivocal guideline regarding the product’s optimum use period. each bag of our coffee possesses unwavering consistency in quality.

In this post, we test a bag of Ethiopian coffee that was roasted 2 years ago and it could still retain most of its crema with the delicate flowery profiles that are usually the first to disintegrate: How long can our coffee last

Coffee Beans Singapore Question 9

How Does It Compare With Other Speciality Coffee Beans Singapore Roasters?

We were once fully focused on retailing professional coffee machines, not coffee beans in Singapore.
All our coffee have been graded by real professionals in Italy. Most of the specialty range are certified, and checked at every point of the process by independent inspectors. Every shipment is inspected and we are 100% free from counterfeit coffee.
Coffee are processed by skillful roast masters who have decades of experience and all coffees have thoroughly destoned, so no foreign objects end up in your grinder and destroy it. They are also processed with techniques from roasting too excessively, with the oil suppressed in the bean and not expelled to the surface which could jam and destroy grinders.

We did demonstrations in our experimental room, with coffee tried from all the known coffee roasters in Singapore. That includes Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee Roasters, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Papa Palheta, Dutch Colony, Forty Hands, Nylon Coffee Roasters, Toby’s estate, Oars Coffee Roasters, Perk Coffee, Dutch Colony Coffee Roasters, Maxi Coffee Bar, Homeground Coffee Roasters, Glass Roasters, Bacha Coffee, Baristart coffee, Glyph Supply etc. We may not have tried every coffee shop in Singapore but we have tried most Singapore wholesale coffee agents.

Often they were brought to us by clients or coffee enthusiasts for our coffee experts to test with our coffee machines. We also did tasting in cafes in Singapore like Old Hen Coffee bar cafe, Kith Cafe and more. As you can see from above, we have tried all sorts of coffee beans from Singapore can offer. From Arab street, Robertson Quay, Lavender Street, Bukit Timah, all the way to Frankel Avenue.

Many cafes can taste very similar, particularly single origins coffee. Likely due to the coffee roasters using the same green bean supplier. Sometimes the roast is too light, which can make the cup of coffee too acidic.

We are different as our partners in Italy often source their beans from unique coffee farms, directly from award-winning estates. Of course, our Italian partners, who have been roasting coffee since the 1920s, can roast it to its finest potential.

Singapore Coffee Beans Question 9

We are looking for Gourmet Coffee Singapore Supplier or Speciality Coffee Singapore Wholesaler.

Yes, our coffees are definitely in the gourmet coffee or speciality coffee range. We have been a Singapore coffee beans supplier for over a decade, catering mainly to cafes, hotels, embassies, showrooms and many home baristas.
The quality is certified by independent inspectors of the highest standard in Italy, and they were featured by Forbes as Italy’s finest.

Also, the coffee is incorporated with the latest food science technology to best preserve the coffee for as long as possible so you can have consistent flavours in every pack. Check out the bulk pricing and be surprised at the greater value we can have.

Coffee Beans Singapore Question 10

Which Coffee or Coffee Brand should i use for my cafe or office in Singapore?

Choosing a coffee for a community of people will be different from choosing for an individual with a personal taste preference. What you will need is a coffee that most casual drinkers will find it acceptable. Based on most of the survey and statistic researches we have run, it’s quite clear that casual drinkers most prefer the darker roasts.

We will recommend the following.

  1. Arcaffè Gorgona
  2. Arcaffè Margo
  3. Le Piantagioni Mediterraneo
  4. Le Piantagioni 78/22

Smoother Profile

  1. Le Piantagioni Cachoeira Da Graham
  2. Arcaffè Elba
  3. Arcaffè Roma
  4. Le Piantagioni Lab #106

As the outcome will be different depending on the technique, size of the cup and type of machines used. We will suggest that you purchase a few and do a taste test to be understand what intensity will be preferred.

In term of popularity by average monthly sales volume, Arcaffè Margo is always the best seller by quantity. Le Piantagioni Cachoeira Da Graham has a good response from cafes. The new Arcaffè Elba and reformulated Gorgona offer excellent value for money and fare very well in taste tests.

Singapore Coffee Beans Question 11

How Can Your Coffee Beans Really Help A Business Or User in Singapore?

Here are a few illustrated examples.



Cafe A has multiple outlets and has to commit to buying in bulk from coffee roaster B for trade price.

The cafe could not finish using on time, most bags expired and every bag is inconsistent in quality.


We do not have this problem. Coffee is gassed to keep its condition stagnant with every bag consistent. Our coffee can be easily kept for up to 6 months in its peak condition, and usable for up to 18 months! We do not over-order our supplies and our fast turnover ensures that the pack that you receive is fresh enough. It is very rare for small roasters to purchase sophisticated equipment and the best packaging to protect their coffee like how it’s done in Italy. Fresh roasts can only be as good as it’s kept well.



User X’s grinder suddenly stopped working after grinding a pack of beans from Supplier B. Upon checking, he found a piece of stone or metal among the coffee beans


Foreign objects in coffee are very common and any hard objects could destroy any grinders. Often, coffee is laid around the floor by the coffee farmers and dried for a number of days. It will be easy for foreign objects to land among the coffee beans.

It is supposedly the duty for both the farmer and the roaster to perform the destoning process. However, it’s not uncommon that small batch roasters and farmers cutting cost by reducing this process. We don’t have this problem as our suppliers have machines that destone hard objects hidden among the beans. This is done not once by the coffee farmers but at least twice again with different methods to reduce the chance of missing out.



User X’s grinder could not churn out coffee from the nozzle, coffee has caked at the nozzle. The coffee container is very dirty, stained with oil.


This typically indicates that the coffee beans used might have been excessively oily, either due to being over-roasted, which causes the oil to expel to the surface.
Alternatively, it could be a sign that the beans are quite old, leading to oil being expelled as part of the natural degassing process. The oil from the surface of the beans will transfer to the hopper and may stain the internals, causing coffee to gunk up and jam the grinder.

If the oil has already been expelled or oxidised, it will be difficult to get a good extraction and the user may tune it excessively finer.



Cafe A strives to serve high-quality coffee. However, the European expatriates’ feedback that their favourite beverage, espresso served doesn’t taste anything similar to what they have at home. The flavour notes from their cup of coffee are simply not the same.


This is common feedback received in our experimental room. Our coffee is roasted in Italy, by master coffee roasters who spent decades perfecting their skill be it single origins beans or coffee blends, arabica or robusta coffee beans. If they want to fully enjoy the taste of coffee from home, of course, you need to get someone from home to roast their coffee.

Coffee Delivery Rates

The best coffee beans near me come from a delivery from us

Coffee Beans Singapore Delivery. Best alternative for common man coffee roasters, perk coffee, Tan tiong hoe specialty coffee, toby's estate, nylon coffee roasters, five oars coffee roasters, dutch colony coffee, apartment coffee. No physical outlet, online only.

Coffee Bean Delivery Singapore Fee

S$4 for orders below S$50, else free.

Coffee Bean Delivery Malaysia Fee

S$9 for orders below S$150, else free.

Coffee Bean Delivery International Fee

Please view the checkout page for the rates for our online store.

Available for Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and USA. You can email us for other nations not stated.

Any Coffee Subscription Services?

You may want to check out this post: How long can our coffee last?

We like to reiterate our packaging.

There’s no need for subscription services as you can safely order in bulk without worrying that the coffee will be oxidised from large orders. You can order in bulk and order what you need for the next 3 to 6 months of coffee beans in Singapore with us with confidence.

Coffee is delivered to your doorstep once in month rather than fuss over weekly coffee deliveries.
Please keep the sealed bags of coffee away from light and heat, and it should be fine

Coffee Beans Singapore Ground Coffee Powder for filter roasts coffee roasters

Coffee Powder Singapore

Readily ground coffee powder is not suitable for making espresso as they are ground coarsely. They are great for Moka pots, French press, filtered or dripped coffee.

Sold out

Special reserve limited edition speciality coffee

Special reserve range coffee are the bona fide cream of the crop coffee in the world. They are the competition crop used to represent the region or country. Available in extremely limited quantity.

Sold out

Coffee Beans Singapore

If you are looking for the best Singapore’s highest quality coffee beans supplier, you are at the right spot. Be one of our loyal customers or coffee aficionados with monthly deliveries. With more than 22 good coffee blends of different flavours available, we will definitely have one to produce your delicious coffee. Our better understanding from our coffee experts should help you find the most suitable and quality coffee bean. Use our coffee to start your cosy day, for breakfast or all-day. Create your delicious cup of joe like a cuppa or in any way you like. Bring home our Coffee beans 1kg packs with confidence as they are nitrogen flushed and can be stored for a longer time.

Want to know more about our coffee?

Le Piantagioni


Specialty Coffee Roasters Singapore

We believe that good specialty coffee can be affordable.

Coffee should not be a luxury.
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