Technical Support

The repair centre is a little tight in schedule due to the peak season. The time required for repair will be longer due to manpower constraints.

Due to homologation, availability of compatible spares, the difference in variations or components, technical conditions and  & other limitations.
Fine Coffee Company may not be able to provide any service, maintenance, modifications, repairs, spare parts or technical support for espresso machines and coffee grinders purchased from overseas. or not from the local distribution source of Fine Coffee Company. We are also unable to accept repairs for machines that had been modified or repaired by unauthorised technicians.


At least 80% of the reported cases turn out to be no issue. Before you lug the machine back to us, forward us details on your issue and we will advise if servicing is required. You are encouraged to read the troubleshooting and  warranty terms and conditions page before submission.You may want to be as specific as possible, so we can assist you better. Videos or photos will help.
Vague information like “machine is not working”. Doesn’t help.


Repairing an espresso machine is not done with a few wipes and a quick swap of parts. It’s a lengthy process, requiring a wide range of tools and our technicians will need time to check and test the machines. The manhour required per machine can easily go up to 60 hours, depending on the issue and existing condition of the machine.
Food-grade sealant applied on the fittings will require a full day to strengthen and cure, It will take time for cleaning agents to react, a lot of time to identify issues in the water circuity, and we will require a lot of tests and observation for leaks. A pressurized or heated up machine, cannot be handled and have to be cooled which can take hours for a simple test routine. As such, repairs or servicing will usually require a few working days to complete. We are unable to answer questions on how long it takes for a repair to be done. Due to the complications of so many valves, it’s also impossible to tell the exact issue and cost of repair until the machine had been tested.
Repairs and servicing are done base on first come first serve.


You can request loan machines during the repair. Each machine will have a surcharge of SGD200.
Loan machines are subject to availability and will be issued with whatever model is available.
Damages done to the loan machines will be as charged. No installation or calibration services will be provided.


All requested courier services are handled by courier companies. Couriers will call before coming to pick up the machine. Though our assigned couriers are generally experienced in handling bulky machines with care. Clients sending back are recommended to pack the machine safe for delivery. Neither the courier companies or Fine Coffee Company will be responsible for any scratches or damages done during the transportation. Transportation can only be sent to or received from lift or ground level and from unrestricted areas within Singapore.
Please do not return any removable spares unless servicing is required for that specific component.
That includes but not limited to, drip trays, top trays, filter holders, baskets, brushes, etc.

You should return the water tank but please empty it.

Do you service or repair machines from other brands? ?

We only service Bezzera espresso machines and only machines sold by our company. We do not repair other brands even if they look or seem similar.

As the financial year ends and the festive season approaches, we expect a lot of orders and service requests. Please submit your orders earlier so we can avoid any delays or being out of stock.