Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. Fine Coffee Company warrants that, during the Warranty Period, the Product will, with normal use and service, be free from faulty or defective parts.

2. You have rights and benefits under the consumer laws in your jurisdiction. Without detracting from these rights or benefits. Fine Coffee Company excludes all liability in respect of the Product for any other loss that is not reasonably foreseeable from a failure of this Product. Which may include liability for negligence, damages from use, loss of expenditure associated with the Product and loss of enjoyment.

3. The Warranty Period for Fine Coffee Company products are as following (WEF 1st June 2015):
i) Semi-Professional espresso machines (Heat Exchanger, Single Boiler, and Double Boilers) – 6 months
ii) Professional espresso machines (Heat Exchanger, Single Boiler, and Double Boilers) – 6 months
iii) Milk frothers – 12 months
iv) Coffee Grinders – 6 to 12 months
v) All other accessories – 7 days

The warranty period for those purchased before 1st June 2015 will remain as according to the original period.

4. Machine warranty for Singapore:

You can deliver the machine to the experimental centre or arrange a return and pick up at S$80 (Semi-professional machines) or $200 (Professional machines).
Please notify us in advance.

All parts and labour as a result of the defect of the machine will cover within the warranty period.
Warranty does not cover wear, scratches and damages resulted from the transit of machine to and fro service points.

5. Machine warranty for Malaysia Orders:
(WEF orders made after 1st June 2015):

Customers of Fine Coffee Company from Malaysia are entitled to the international warranty scheme. =

In this scheme, users will have two options to warranty.
i. Parts Warranty:
Components sent to customers who can service the machine on their own.
Do understand that parts warranty do not cover components listed on point (9). Listed faults must be distinctive and comply with point (8)

ii. Parts and Labour Warranty
The final customer will handle the shipping charges to Fine Coffee Company.
Customer must first consult with Fine Coffee Company for troubleshooting and return instructions.
Fine Coffee Company will fix the product in warranty and will ship it back to the final customer free of charge.

Do be reminded that we will not handle or responsible for damages, liabilities, losses or taxes that may result from freight services sending machines to and fro nations for repair or servicing.
Please mark as a faulty machine with $0 value and be aware that the insurance coverage is limited by declared value, as such a $0 declaration will null any coverage.

Application for Enhanced Insurance can arrange full coverage of insurance, and agreement for any application will be a contract between you and the responsible postal company.
If requested, the customer shall pay for all applicable charges that include the subscription fees to Enhanced Insurance at their prevailing rates, as well as any duties occurred in the transportation.

Enhanced insurance coverage for return will only be provided on request

6. Machine warranty for International Orders:

In this scheme, users will have two options to warranty.

i. Parts Warranty:
Components sent to customers who can service the machine on their own.
Do understand that parts warranty do not cover components listed on point (9). Listed faults must be distinctive and comply with point (8)

ii. Repair Warranty:
Customers will return machines to a service point in Singapore. All freight charges, taxes or any transportation fees will be borne by the buyer.

7. This warranty is valid only for Products that are purchased from Fine Coffee Company’s authorized distributors.

8. This warranty only applies where a defect has arisen, wholly or substantially, as a result of faulty manufacture, parts or workmanship during the Warranty Period.

9. The warranty does not apply where other factors cause damage. Including without limitation: (a) normal wear and tear; (b) abuse, mishandling, accident or failure to follow operating instructions; (c) breakage; (d) exposure to liquid (excluding water in the case of waterproof products) or infiltration of foreign particles; (e) servicing or modification of the Product other than by Fine Coffee Company, or their authorised service agents; (f) use of the Product with unsuitable beans; (g) use of the Product with other accessories, attachments, product supplies, parts or devices that do not conform to Fine Coffee Company’s specifications; (h) wearing off of Teflon coating.; (i) overheating of boiler due to no water supply; (j) build up of scaling; (k) damage of grinder for grinding other material; (l) damage of grinder from frozen beans that leads to extra moisture; or (m)shipment or other transit

10. This warranty does not cover: (a) the replacement of any consumables such as burrs, pumps and gaskets; (b) the removable spares of any machines such as portafilters, water tanks, drip trays, pipes, whisks, lids, power supplies, steam wands, water taps, hoppers and containers. (c) repair or replacement of any Product damaged during transit to or from Fine Coffee Company; or (d)any loss or consequential damage incurred while the Product is being repaired

11. This warranty is to be read together with any benefits that Fine Coffee Company may provide to a consumer under the statute.

12. Instructions for making a warranty claim are included in the website www.finecoffeecompany.com. If the warranty claim is not accepted: (a) Fine Coffee Company will inform the customer, (b) if requested to do so by the Customer, Fine Coffee Company will repair the Product provided you pay the charges for such repair, and (c) If applicable the Customer will be responsible for all costs associated with collection of the Product from Fine Coffee Company.

13. International buyers will have to check on their accord that any equipment or accessories purchased from Fine Coffee Company or its authorised resellers comply with the safety and regulatory standards imposed by their nation. By making any purchase, Buyer also acknowledges that that equipment or accessories comply with the power and technical specifications required to work in the nation of purchase. In the event any equipment fails to work, damaged or cause any hurt to users due to technical incompatibility, the buyer agrees that Fine Coffee Company or its affiliates, will be indemnified from all responsibilities and agree that warranty will be voided, nor Fine Coffee Company be responsible to compensate nor modify the machine for usage.

14. As machines of different regions are supplied with different specifications, models, versions, service manuals, components and contractual arrangements. Components are usually not compatible nor serviceable. Due to homologation, technical compliance and indemnity requirements. Fine Coffee Company may not provide after sales service at any level for machines or accessories not purchased from Fine Coffee Company or its authorized distribution channels. After sales services include but not limited to technical repair, troubleshooting, warranty, conditioning as well as sourcing of spares. Owners of foreign purchased machines or machines purchased from other distributors are advised to communicate directly with their seller for a suitable remedy solution.

15. In the event we accept repair or service for machines purchased not from www.finecoffeecompany.com or its authorised resellers, an additional fee of $200 will be applied for any services on top of all current charges.

16. Please submit all claims via web page Technical support.

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