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This comes WEF 20th July 2019.

Fine Coffee Company

We did some bold upgrades to our website to improve security and speed. We are hoping to insert a time slot option for delivery soon. If you found any bugs or have any problem with our website, please email us and let’s us know. Our email:

Website updates: Paylah, Paynow and Pay anyone are now accepted

We had implemented a new payment option to allow Paylah, Paynow, Pay anyone, etc. You can scan the above QR code to make payment directly.

If you like to pay by UEN number, you can use: 201308344D

This is subjected to the daily limits set by your app or your bank. Please email and let us know if there are any difficulties.

Our email:

Fine Coffee Company

We will be away from the 25th of July till 4th of August. All orders made during this period can only be arranged after our return.

We will have limited internet access within this period, but we will try our best to answer emails whenever we can.

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