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50% Arabica and 50% Robusta

Sensory characteristics:
Balanced & strong

Aromatic profiles:
Classic Italian Blend:  Chocolatey, smooth and creamy, very balanced and not too bitter. Full-bodied yet mellow.

Ideal for:
Espresso, Brew or filter coffee

Coffee form:
Whole Bean

Roasted in:


Margo is one of the two blends that Arcaffe sells exclusively in Italy for their local cafes, they are not as easily available for the retail market.
It’s crafted not only for taste, but it’s also easy to extract and has a very good body with very mild acidity.Margo consists of the highest quality Arabica beans and Robusta in 50/50 proportions. Arabica gives a pleasant aroma and Robusta allows you to get a strong body and crema.

The Robustas are sourced from an esteemed estate in India. What’s rare and interesting in Margo is the quality of the robusta, they are treated like Arabica and further fermented by the wet method. This greatly tames down the amount of astringent and retains the character of a very thick body and crema. The aromatic notes from the Arabica are not overwhelmed and complement the coffee perfectly in releasing a wide bouquet of flavors. This makes extraction very easy and Margo is a very versatile blend for any recipe.This is the typical classic Italian style espresso in its best form. Never goes wrong with the mass, highly recommended for restaurants, offices or anyone who prefers the old fashion classics that are smoother.Arcaffe Margo is a fairly strong coffee, ideal for stimulating, works well for milk coffees like cappuccino or latte


    Intensity rating (Maximum ●●●●●)

    Bitterness level:   ●●●●
  • Acidity level:  ●

  • Extraction tips for espresso

    The is a classic Italian blend. A dark roast with a rich body. As it contains more oil, you might want to adjust the grinder to increase the grind size to form less resistance. Crema heads will love this.

    For double shots:
    Amount of coffee used: 14-18grams
    Amount to extract: We recommend that you should aim to extract 20ml to 30ml each of espresso from two sprouts. Total 40ml to 60 ml in 20 seconds from the first drip. Once you figure out the flow rate is right, you can also explore shorter extraction by stopping earlier in the 10 to 15 seconds mark for softer and smoother profiles. Do note that a 15ml extraction is a ristretto.

    Portafilter to use: Double sprout

    Additional tips for Latte

    For 6oz or 180ml cup, we recommend using a 20ml single shot espresso.
    For 8oz or 240ml cup, we recommend using a 30ml double ristretto.

    A correctly done latte should be smooth and taste very chocolatey or nutty. You can increase the intensity by adjusting the amount of coffee used.

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ARCAFFÈ Coffee Bean – MARGO Blend

MARGO Blend Coffee Bean



Every coffee is unique, like the land on which it grows. Mild and full-bodied from Lagoa do Morro in Brazil; smooth and round from San Luis in Salvador; elegant and fragrant from Sidamo in Ethiopia; acidic and aromatic from Guatemala. What drives Arcaffe to travel is their love for knowledge. It is their desire to learn to recognise the finest varieties, to judge when the coffee cherries are perfectly ripe and to see with their own eyes how much care is taken over the wet and dry processes.

That is why they travel the length and breadth of the state of Bahia in Brazil to visit the Chapada Diamantina and Cerrado Bahiano estates, why they climb the slopes of the Cuchumatanes mountains in Guatemala to reach the Mayan pueblos of Todos Santos, and why they ride on ramshackle minibuses down dusty roads in Karnataka in south-western India.

It is not a desire for adventure, but an inner need.

The desire to find out everything there is to know about coffee, and to transform this knowledge into absolute quality


Finding the finest coffee is not the end of Arcaffe’s journey, but a new starting point. Because transforming the green coffee into an excellent blend requires expertise, technology and production processes at the very highest level. Arcaffe’s new production plant, which entered service in 2012, features an innovative clean air roasting process that avoids any contact between the combustion gases and the coffee beans.

The components in all their blends are roasted separately and exclusively air-cooled. Before packaging, all their products are passed through a screen to remove any broken beans. After packaging, their coffee remains in the warehouse (which complies with the latest European sanitary and safety regulations) only for the time needed to organise shipment and so ensure maximum freshness when it reaches their customers.

In addition, a photovoltaic power generation plant ensures that production is entirely self-sufficient and has the least possible impact on the environment.


Behind the leading edge technology lies human experience, always. In the delicate roasting phase, the Master Roaster carefully oversees the transformation of the beans from green and solid to brown and crumbly. It takes great experience to recognise the right moment; roasting the beans for even a few seconds too long can destroy the volatile aromas in the coffee and turn it into a poorer product.

In the blending stage, cuppers bring their skill to bear as they combine coffees from various provenances in an ancient alchemy. The Master Blender brings together flavours and aromas like the instruments in an orchestra, repeatedly tasting the individual components to create a blend that is the perfect expression of the original idea from which it springs. Experience in the art of cupping goes well beyond tasting skills. It needs the right tools and knowledge, and not merely passion.

Which is why this fundamental stage in the preparation process is overseen by experts who have the rare gift of being able to understand the complexities of different coffees, to recognise their physical features and to appreciate their organoleptic characteristics as something absolutely unique. And it is because of Enrico Meschini’s international reputation as an expert in the art of cupping, that he holds the prestigious role of coffee consultant for the Slow Food association and is a member of the international Cup of Excellence panel.

Because coffees can be clean, constant, spicy, malty, round, full-bodied or smooth, they can have the fragrance of flowers, honey, chocolate or vanilla, they can be creamy and velvety, honey or hazelnut flavoured… and it is a veritable art form to combine and enhance these individual peculiarities


Arcaffe has the immense privilege of doing a job they have been passionate about for five generations.

It is a passion that drives them to search firsthand for the world’s finest coffees, in their places of origin, travelling both to great estates and the small plots cultivated by so many small local producers, striving to find the perfect coffee and share it with the whole world.


All Arcaffe coffee have been destoned and packed in the most advanced sealing equipment to ensure minimal deterioration in the first six months.
A lot of attention is paid to preserve the quality of the coffee. Users will be able to store their unopened bag of coffee for a longer period.


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MARGO Blend Coffee Bean

ARCAFFÈ Coffee Bean – MARGO Blend


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