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 Roasted specifically for cafes in Italy. Used in many luxurious showrooms and embassies in Singapore. 



50% Arabica and 50% Robusta

Balanced & strong
Classic Italian Blend:  Chocolatey, smooth and creamy, very balanced and not too bitter. Full-bodied yet mellow.
Espresso, Brew or filter coffee
Whole Bean
Intensity Rating (Maximum ●●●●●)
Bitterness level: ●●●●
Acidity level: ●

Margo is a specially made blend that Arcaffe sells exclusively in Italy for their local cafes, they are not as easily available for the retail market. It’s crafted not only for taste, but it’s also easy to extract and has a very good body with very mild acidity. Margo consists of the highest quality Arabica beans and Robusta in 50/50 proportions. Arabica gives a pleasant aroma and Robusta allows you to get a strong body and crema.

The Robustas are sourced from an esteemed estate in India. What’s rare and interesting in Margo is the quality of the robusta, they are treated like Arabica and further fermented by the wet method. This greatly tames down the amount of astringent and retains the character of a very thick body and crema. The aromatic notes from the Arabica are not overwhelmed and complement the coffee perfectly in releasing a wide bouquet of flavors. This makes extraction very easy and Margo is a very versatile blend for any recipe.This is the typical classic Italian style espresso in its best form. Never goes wrong with the mass, highly recommended for restaurants, offices or anyone who prefers the old fashion classics that are smoother.Arcaffe Margo is a fairly strong coffee, ideal for stimulating, works well for milk coffees like cappuccino or latte.


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Arcaffè Margo

Setting the bar above cafe quality

Arcaffè history

Established in 1895 by the Meschini brothers, Arcaffè’s legacy traces back to the vibrant city of Livorno, Italy.

Capitalizing on the espresso revolution in the early 20th century, the brothers zeroed in on crafting superior quality coffee. Their commitment to excellence propelled their product into cafes across the region, securing Arcaffè’s reputation as a purveyor of premium coffee. Embracing the rich heritage, we continue to use some of Arcaffè’s coffee recipes unaltered since 1926 – a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality

coffee scientist in command

In 1986, the visionary Enrico Meschini, a fourth-generation owner with a Master’s in Natural Science, redefined Arcaffè with his scientific approach to coffee cultivation.

As a pioneer against inconsistency and counterfeit practices, Enrico founded the prestigious CSC certification in 1996, setting the gold standard for coffee production, transport, roasting, and packaging. Each bean is traceable to its origins, ensuring unmatched quality and consistency

Access to genuine specialty coffee

As a distinguished juror in the prestigious Cup of Excellence, often called the ‘Oscars of the coffee world’. Enrico Meschini’s connections allow him exclusive access to top-tier coffee lots. While not always competition winners, these coffees reflect the extraordinary quality of the champion beans, promising an exceptional taste at fair value.

Upgrading Tradition: Enhancing Classics through Quality

Beyond sourcing, Enrico harnesses his deep knowledge of specialty coffee to educate farmers.

His guidance transforms traditional recipes into specialty-grade coffee, ensuring the sustainability of coffee excellence, improving farmers’ livelihoods, and delivering an unmatched coffee experience

Absolute Quality

As the fifth-generation steward of the family business, Prunella Meschini, has propelled the company to unprecedented heights.

Building upon the knowledge gained from accompanying her father on global coffee explorations, she honed her expertise, focusing on R&D, to cultivate exceptional new coffees under the Le Piantagioni brand, renowned for its commitment to superior specialty coffee.

This unwavering dedication to quality earned Le Piantagioni a place in Forbes Magazine’s top 100 Italian producers – the only recipient in the Specialty Coffee category.

Arcaffè. Italy’s spirit

Steeped in Italian heritage, Arcaffè has weathered time’s trials, its flavors ingrained in countless Italian hearts. Enrico and Prunella honor this legacy, preserving traditional recipes while enhancing the coffee’s quality and production process. They’ve finessed the coffee’s aromatic profiles and consistency, resulting in clearer notes, less astringency, and smooth finishes.

Arcaffè is not about mass production; it’s about epitomizing Italian spirit, pride, and heritage in a cup. A taste of Arcaffè is an experience of ‘Classic Italian coffee’ at its pinnacle, reminiscent of Italy’s finest cafes. For the utmost Italian coffee experience, indulge in Arcaffè!

Arcaffè. The best of Italy’s expresso

With quality as its cornerstone, Arcaffè ensures excellence through daily sampling, lab analyses, and precise cup results. Adhering to stringent quality criteria, Arcaffè's commitment to consistency is acknowledged by Forbes, featuring Le Piantagioni, its sister brand, in the top 100 Italian producers for Specialty Coffee. This recognition cements Arcaffè's reputation as a purveyor of Italy's finest coffee..
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Coffee for Home, Cafes and Restaurants

All our coffees have been destoned and scanned for hidden foreign objects. They are roasted to be suitable for any coffee machine and will not cause any damage.

The coffees are gas flushed with the leading Modified Atmosphere Packaging machines designed especially for preserving coffee. This seals the coffee to remain consistent with minimal deterioration in the first 6 months and can be stored for up to 18 months.

Users can enjoy purchasing our coffee in larger quantities with better inventory control and cost savings.


To know more, visit https://www.arcaffe.com/

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