Bezzera Blind Filter


Bezzera Blind Filter for flushing the grouphead to keep the machine at the most optimal condition, for the best extraction.

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Bezzera Blind Filter

Semi-professional and professional machines have a huge advantage over other types of automatic machines in term of maintenance.
That is it has the option to clean thoroughly the grouped before the gasket wears off, promoting longevity.

As coffee contains acid, and other types of organic oil. It corrodes the gaskets over time if the coffee stains are left untreated.
In automatic machines, there’s limitation to how much cleaning can be achieved as they are cleaned by at most hot flushing with thin streams of water.
In almost all cases, the water jets can’t reach the corners of the brewing chamber. Coffee stains trapped at hidden corners can’t be cleaned.
The organic oil from the coffee will eventually turn rancid over time and influence the quality of extraction in future cups.

In semi-professional machines, the user can use pressurised hot water and gush out all the remnants of the system with the help of a blind filter.
The Bezzera Blind Filter is used just for the purpose to clean the grouphead thoroughly.
It seals the portafilter, disallowing water to pass through.
This forces hot water to pressurise within the grouphead and clean itself.

One should clean with water preferably at least twice a week, and it’s easy.
We recommend that one should use a grouphead detergent to clean properly at least once a week.

1. Place Bezzera blind filter basket in your portafilter holder.
2. Place grouphead detergent in the blind filter. (Optional, but preferably at least once a week)
3. Load the portafilter with Bezzera blind filter and secure into the group.
4. Let the machine run for about 5 seconds. Watch the pressure rise.
5. Stop the machine to depressurize the group, cleaning solution or water will be released into the drip tray (this is the actual backflush).
6. Repeat step 4 and five a few more times to flush the machine with just water.

Made of the finest material to last.

Made in Italy

Size: 58MM.



Do not use any blind filter on the Bezzera Strega.


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