Bezzera Bottomless Filter Holder for BZ Models (With Logo)

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The Bezzera bottomless filter holder was ergonomically designed, to suit any professionals or home baristas. Size 58mm for Bezzera BZ Grouphead models.

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Bezzera Bottomless Filter Holder for BZ Models (With Logo)

There are a few benefits for Bezzera bottomless filter holder for BZ. (Also known as naked portafilter).

  • It’s easier to clean.
  • One can study the stream of flow and spot any uneven of tamping from irregular channelling.

The holder is made of chrome-plated brass to maintain good heat conductivity and not made of steel, which doesn’t conduct well. Steel is also a much harder material that leads to permanent damage to group heads which are usually made of softer brass.

Size: 58mm.
Suitable for all models using Bezzera’s BZ grouphead. Eg: Eagle, B2013, BZ07, BZ09, BZ10, BZ13 & BZ16.


Illustration of what a bottomless filter holder does:

Link to official website: Bezzera’s accessories

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