Bezzera Bottomless Filter Holder (Original Wood Range)


The Bezzera Bottomless Filter Holder suit any professionals or home baristas, original from Bezzera.

E61: Suitable for all models using Bezzera or Expobar E61 grouphead. Eg: Magica, Mitica, Brewtus, EB61, Office, etc

BZ: Suitable for all models using the Bezzera BZ grouphead. Eg: BZ07, BZ09, BZ10, BZ13, BZ16, Crema, etc.

Lever: Suitable for Bezzera Strega



Delivered in 2-3 working days

Bezzera Bottomless Filter Holder (Original Wood Range)

There are a few benefits for the Wooden Bottomless Portafilter E61 holders. (Also known as naked portafilter).

  • It’s easier to clean.
  • It allows bigger baskets.
  • One can study the stream of flow and spot any uneven of tamping from irregular channelling.


The holder is made of chrome-plated brass to maintain good heat conductivity and not made of steel, which doesn’t conduct well. Steel is also a much harder material that leads to permanent damage to group heads which are usually made of softer brass.

Size: 58mm.

Illustration of what a bottomless filter holder does:


Due to the inherent properties of wood, there are no identical products and may slightly differ from the advertised picture.
As the portafilters are handcrafted with tools and probably due to imperfection in the wood, there’s a chance of scratches marks on the product.
For cleaning, please wipe with a damp cloth if necessary and any cleaning agent should avoid the product. It is not dish-washer safe.

Bezzera Bottomless Filter Holder (Original Wood Range)

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