Bezzera Double Filter 16 Grams Basket (Up to 20 grams)


Bezzera Double Filter 16 grams basket for thicker extraction.

This is likely one of the stock baskets issued with your machines if manufactured after June 2020.
You can check the manufacturing date of your machine from the label behind the drip tray.

The serial number for this basket is: 5471035 or 5471035.01


In stock


    Please note that Bezzera has revised the size of most of their baskets since June 2020.  Please check the serial number on your existing baskets to confirm that you are not ordering the same item.

    The serials are engraved on the side of the basket.

    bezzera 16g 20g basket

    The serials can be in the format of ####### or #######.01.

    These are the correct sizes base on the latest revision.

    Bezzera basket size

Delivered in 2-3 working days

Bezzera Double Filter 16 grams Basket

Bezzera Double Filter 16 grams basket is made of the finest material to last, with precision.

Used for 16 to 20 grams dosage.

Made in Italy

Size: 58MM.


For users who prefer to have a much thicker body with a lower brew ratio.
Suitable for those who prefer their milk recipes longer with a bigger cup(Above 150ml).

Do note that the Bezzera Double Filter 16 grams basket, doesn’t not work with all filter holders.

Compatibility chart:

Bezzera Bezzera Bezzera Expobar
E61 BZ Lever E61/Office
Bottomless filter holder Yes Yes Yes NA
Single filter holder Yes Yes Yes No
Double filter holder Yes Yes Yes No


We are unable to verify compatibility for all 3th party filter holders.



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