Bezzera Double Filter 22 Grams Basket


Bezzera Double Filter 22 grams basket for thicker extraction.

This is technically a triple basket that was created for three-head portafilters. This is now commonly used by third-wave baristas who wish to use a lot of coffee to offer premium espressos.

Especially great for users who enjoy lighter roast coffee that has lesser oil. With this basket, you can regain a thick body with the huge amount of coffee used. Satisfying both visually and mentally.
Using a medium to dark roast, you can expect lesser bitterness with more colloids in the oil that blocks off most astringents.

With this, nothing can stop your coffee from standing out in a big cup of latte or a long black. You get quality with quantity.

The more coffee is used, the easier to get a nice-looking espresso.

The serial number for this basket is: 5471034 or 5471034.01


    Please note that Bezzera has revised the size of most of their baskets since June 2020.  Please check the serial number on your existing baskets to confirm that you are not ordering the same item.

    The serials are engraved on the side of the basket.

    bezzera 16g 20g basket

    The serials can be in the format of ####### or #######.01.

    These are the correct sizes base on the latest revision.

    Bezzera basket size

Delivered in 2-3 working days

Bezzera Double Filter 22 grams Basket

Bezzera Double Filter 22 grams basket is made of the finest material to last, with precision.

Made in Italy

Size: 58MM.


For users who prefer to have a much thicker body with a lower brew ratio.
Suitable for those who prefer their milk recipes longer with a bigger cup(Above 150ml).

Do note that the Bezzera Double Filter 22 grams basket, doesn’t not work with all filter holders.

Compatibility chart:

Bezzera Bezzera Bezzera Expobar
E61 BZ Lever E61/Office
Bottomless filter holder Yes No Yes Yes
Single filter holder No Yes Yes No
Double filter holder No Yes Yes No


We are unable to verify compatibility for all 3th party filter holders.

Important notice:
Please be aware that it will take extra effort to remove a Bezzera Double Filter 22 grams basket from a filter holder.


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