Bezzera Flow Control Kit

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Original Bezzera Flow Control Kit. Get absolute control of your E61 espresso machine.


    Service is only available for Singapore orders and for Bezzera machines only

    • $
    • 100 $

    It requires 1-2 working days to complete and the machine must be left behind.

    If you intend to hand carry in, we will provide the instructions via email.

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Delivered in 2-3 working days

Bezzera Flow Control Kit

Get full control of your pressure with the Bezzera Flow Control Kit.

How does it work?

Please view this video from Whole Latte Love

Kindly be aware that the range of motion for this particular flow control differs from that of the Aria TOP PID model or the above video. It operates within a 360-degree rotation instead of the 720 degrees. The functional control is primarily within an approximately 90-degree span.

What does it come with?

Flow Control Kit
With black knob
E61 Flow Control Kit
With wood knob

Comes with no further instructions, additional tools or warranty. Purchase is for the kit only. Installation services are not included.

What if I need installation services?

The service can only be rendered to Bezzera machines and will be as charged as stated in the options.

Installation service must be ordered with the Flow Control Kit together and cannot be requested later.

Installation does not include any troubleshooting or repair services.

What Bezzera models can be installed?

Any Bezzera machines with the E61 grouphead can be installed.

Warning and important instructions

Do note that vibration pumps have a duty cycle of 2:1, meaning for every 2 minutes, it has to rest a minute. If the extraction was delayed for a long time, it could damage the pump.

Rotary pumps have practically no duty cycle and are safer to install. However, the flow control should not be totally closed and water flow must always be allowed to prevent overheating or excessive wear. Failure to do so could cause irreversible damages to the pump.

Is it compatible with other brands of machines?

We can’t be sure, but it should be compatible with authentic E61 groupheads that are not modified. So do your own research.

Note that parts sold are not refundable, so purchase at your own risk. No further instructions or warranty are provided as the gasket can’t be reused

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