Bezzera OEM Bottomless Filter Holder for E61 Models


The Bezzera OEM Bottomless Filter Holder was ergonomically designed, to suit any professionals or home baristas. Size 58mm for E61 models.

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Bezzera OEM Bottomless Filter Holder for E61 Models

There are a few benefits for bottomless filter holder. (Also known as naked portafilter).

  • They are much easier to clean.
  • It allows bigger baskets.
  • One can study the stream of flow and spot any uneven of tamping from irregular channeling.

These are solid cast, of professional quality for cafe usage. They feel more solid than most brands.
They are also reinforced with special adhesives to keep the handles from coming off, that are not easily degenarated from high heat.

Size: 58mm.
Suitable for all espresso machines with the original E61 grouphead design from various brands

Fully made in Italy

Illustration of what a bottomless filter holder does:



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