Bezzera Single Filter Holder for BZ Models

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The Bezzera Single Filter Holder for BZ Models was ergonomically designed, to suit any professionals. Size 58mm for Bezzera Lever models.


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Bezzera Single Filter Holder for BZ Models

Original Accessories from Bezzera

The Bezzera Single Filter Holder will be useful if the user decides to do double shots all the time and stream all the espresso into a single cup, or wishes to do single shot using the single basket
Using the single basket allows lower dosage, suitable for 6g to 10g of coffee. This will great for those who wish to limit their caffeine intake or make espresso in the original Italiano way in singles.

Three types of handles to choose from.

  1. Wood
  2. Traditional handle
  3. With Bezzera logo

The holder is made of chrome-plated brass to maintain good heat conductivity and not made of steel, which doesn’t conduct well. Steel is also a much harder material that leads to permanent damage to group heads which are usually made of softer brass.

Size: 58mm.
Suitable for all models using Bezzera’s BZ grouphead. Eg: Eagle, B2013, BZ07, BZ09, BZ10, BZ13 & BZ16.

Link to official website: Bezzera’s accessories

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