Bezzera Knockbox – Stainless Steel Drawer for Coffee Grinder


Bezzera Stainless Steel Knockbox Drawer for Grinder helps to keep your mess in control with a drawer that serves conveniently as a knock box.

Dimension: 215 x 395 x 75 MM (W x D x H)
Suitable for placing small grinders like Bezzera BB005, Quamar M80E/Q50E on top, or used standalone for placing tools.

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Bezzera Knock box – Stainless Steel Drawer for Coffee Grinder

The drawer style knock box helps baristas to keep the mess in control when they knock out their used coffee puck.
Baristas can also sweep coffee remnants from the grinder placed on top, to the drawer conveniently.
After a day, the puck may oxidise and develop an unpleasant coffee smell. The drawer can help to keep the odour within the drawer.

As it’s made of stainless steel, coffee deposits in the drawer can be easily removed by removing the drawer and transferring its content to a rubbish bin.
Coffee that sticks to the drawer can easily be removed by brushing out or can be washed if necessary.
The PVC tube that baristas knock their portafilter against, can be easily removed to be cleaned or replaced.

For this model, it’s suitable for most coffee grinders, please check the dimension of your grinder to see if it matches.


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