Bezzera Water Softener

Water softening is the most important step to keep your coffee machine from breaking down, 80% of the major problems found in espresso machines are due to limescale!
Limescale damages are usually not covered in warranties and are costly to repair as many components might need replacement.
Keeping your water clean and soft is much safer and better than descaling too frequently.

Do note that water softeners can only reduce the amount of limescale, they do not totally remove them, especially if the water condition is too hard. It also cannot remove existing limescale that had formed in the machine.




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  • The following models will need the modification kit for the water tank to allow intake from the water softener cartridge:

    Bezzera Magica, Mitica, Galatea Domus, Strega and BZ16 with water tank.

    • 15 $

Bezzera Water Softener

Suitable for all models using water tank, drawing water with silicon inlet hose, they are:
Bezzera BZ07, BZ09, BZ10, BZ13, Expobar Pulser, Brewtus with Vibration pump, Leva EB61.

Certain models from Bezzera will require a modification kit to adapt the water softening cartridge, they are:
Bezzera Magica, Mitica, Galatea Domus, Strega and BZ16 with water tank.

For other brands, this will only work if your machine draws water from a soft silicone hose.

If you like to know more about the importance of water softening, refer to this page. Water softening



Before using, rinse water softener with water thoroughly, water has to be reached inside. Or submerge in water for 20 minutes. It’s important that the water softener remains in the water and does not dry out. If resins dry out, it will no longer be effective in softening the water.



For models that can draw water with a silicon inlet hose, like the Bezzera BZ07, BZ09, BZ10, BZ13, Crema, Expobar Pulser, Brewtus with Vibration pump, Leva EB61.

You can attach the softener directly.


Please remove the filter attachment if it’s available.

Remove this

Make sure that you attach to the correct hose that draws water into the machine.
If there are two hoses, it should be the one that is longer. The other hose is for returning and should not be plugged with any objects.



For Bezzera models that draw water from the bottom of the water tank, like the Magica, Mitica, Strega Galatea Domu, BZ16, etc.
You will have to purchase the modification kit.

Unscrew this


Replace with this fitting and plug in the silicone hose.










Connect the water softener to the other end of the silicone hose.






This depends on the hardness of water, most parts of Singapore water measures at approximately 7 French Degrees. If you are using mineral water, treated water or if you are using in some other countries, the hardness might be much greater and you will have to replace the softener earlier.

For unfiltered tap water from Singapore, we will suggest replacing after 40 litres of usage. The softener should be replaced at least once every 24 months and should be replaced if they had dried up.







Technical specification

The softener greatly removes calcium and magnesium which are the main culprits to limescale forming.
Along with that, it is also effective in reducing the amount of lead and copper found in water. Lead is a neurotoxin which can be leached from eroded brass fittings found in water networks.




The strong cation resins in the softener attracts and bind minerals to its surface. This will absorb most of the minerals from the water before it gets fed into the machine. As limescale buildup on the surface of the resin, the efficacy decreases. As such, the softener has to be replaced regularly. The softener is food grade and compliant to EC 1935/2004 – EC 10/2011 – 98/83 EC





We have no idea and can’t answer that. If it draws water from a silicon hose, usually of 6mm diameter, then most likely yes.

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