Expobar 600 Doser Coffee Grinder


If you are searching for a professional grinder at the fairest value, your search ends at Expobar.

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    An extremely popular brand in Australia and the USA. Expobar is well known for its value and quality production of the E61 grouphead. 

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    The default grind setting for a new grinder is set to very coarse, meant for filtered coffee. Tuning the grinder during the first time can be frustrating, often resulting in huge wastage. If you like us to tune the grinder, we will bring the grind setting closer to the proximity of where it should work reasonably well for making espresso using a dark roast coffee. If you are not planning to use the grinder for making espressos or you are using the grinder on other types of coffee machines, it will be better that you tune the grinder on your own.
    The calibration will not be precise, the user will have to fine-tune further, but we'll cover most of the miles, so success can be reached sooner. The timer setting will not be set, as the end result will depend on the user's preferred type of coffee and the amount of coffee used.
    Do note that it is expected to have coffee retaining in the grinder after tuning, which may spill within the packaging.
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Expobar 600 Doser Coffee Grinder

This Expobar 600 doser coffee grinder is a quiet running, traditional espresso grinder.
It grinds the beans directly down into a container. You can then simply take some newly-ground coffee out of the container to make single or double espresso.
The doser coffee grinder is easy to adjust, to give the right grinding level.

The Expobar 600 doser coffee grinder is suitable for a commercial or a bigger office environment. With consumption of over few hundred cups a day. Or for home as a premium solution.

Though conic burrs are slightly more durable, burrs normally live only half it’s rated lifespan before starting to go blunt.
In a commercial environment, the sharpness is very important. You won’t want to have a burr that last longer but no longer able grind as fine.
Thus it’s recommended to have your burrs replaced regularly.
Expobar intelligently chosen flat burrs for their grind on demand commercial grinders, as it brings the price lower, and the burrs are much cheaper to replace.
In every sense, it brings better value in the long run

Type.. Dispensing Grinder
Usage.. Prosumer or moderate commercial use (Up to 3.5kg a day)
Burrs.. Flat 64 MM
RPM.. 1550
Hopper Capacity.. 1.2 KG
Grinding speed.. 6-9KG/HR
UV Protected Hopper.. No
Dosage.. 250 Grammes dispensing capacity. 5-10 grammes/Cup
Place of Production.. Shanghai
Place of Assembly.. Shanghai
Dimension.. 210 x 330 x 560 MM
Net Weight.. 13 KG
Gross Weight.. 15 KG
Power Supply.. 230V
Nominal Power.. 350W
Warranty.. 1 Year



Please note that the warranty does not cover the burrs.
The burrs are made with exceptionally strong material. There’s no way it be can damaged by grinding coffee beans in a year in a normal commercial environment unless abused.
The grinder is not meant for industrial or production use.

That includes but not limited to the following:
Usage of grinder to grind other material. Usage of poorly processed beans with stones within; or usage of grinders in a non-domestic environment.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 425 × 250 × 375 cm
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