Espresso Measuring Cup 30ml


A handy measuring tool to gauge that your extraction is done right.


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Espresso Measuring Cup 30ml

With markings showing increments of 5ml, measuring up to 30ml.

Also shown in ounces, teaspoons and tablespoons for other purposes.



Recommended extraction for single. (Italiano standard)

Recommended extraction Italiano standard
Percolation time should start from the first drip.
The Espresso Measuring Cup 30ml is for measuring double shots.




Not dishwasher-safe. Wash the interior of the cup under the tap with soap and water.

Wash the interior of the cup under the tap with soap and water.
Use a soft sponge/cloth, only use a non-abrasive surface safe material for cleaning to avoid scrapping off the printing markings on the cup.

Price is one for one piece.


Espresso Measuring Cup 30ml
Espresso Measuring Cup 30ml

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