Expobar Office Pulser

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The most value-for-money semi-professional machine in the market.

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  • About Expobar

    An extremely popular brand in Australia and the USA. Expobar is well known for its value and quality production of the E61 grouphead. 

  • Machine comes with the following free additional gifts:

    10 sachets Pulycaff 3.5g Grouphead Detergent Powder
    1 25ml bottle of Pulymilk Frother Cleaner

    *Free gifts are not exchangeable or offered with any warranty.


    Before sending, we fill the boiler with some water to eliminate air blockages that may affect 1 out of every 20 machines. This can cause users to have difficulties starting the machine and require the machine to be returned. Service does not include any onsite installation.

    • $

    We reduced the espresso machine's selling price by $100 by reducing the warranty period by 6 months. Customers can opt to restore the full one-year warranty at an additional cost.

    • 100 $

    Water softening greatly extends the longevity of coffee machines by reducing the formation of limescale. Each water softener is good for up to 40 litres of Singapore tap water. Do not use bottled water or filters that have calcium/magnesium. If "Test before delivery" is required, we will have the softener installed too.

Delivered in 2-3 working days


Expobar introduced the Office series as a practical and economic series.
An efficient machine for a small environment.




The Expobar’s modified E61 groupheads are designed with a patent design, a modification in its shower screen to allow approximately 7 seconds of preinfusion every time.
This results in slightly more steady shots.

It’s designed to run slightly hotter, accustom to heavy dosing preference, particularly fancied by American/Australian style baristas.
Such as overdosing to 20 grams per extraction, the warmer temperature brings about more energy to extract the thicker dose within the standard duration of 20-30 seconds.

The Thermosyphon system will cycle hot water to the grouphead just like any E61 system.



New users may enjoy using the Office Pulser.

It is attached to a single tip steam wand, to allow more time for frothing, very handy for amateurs.
Since it is running on a heat exchanger system, users can froth milk and brew coffee at the same time.


Copper boiler.

A safe material with natural anti-microbial properties to continuously kill greater than 99.9% of bacteria that cause hospital-acquired infections, keeping water in the boiler always potable. One of the most conductive metal on earth, making the machine very efficient in starting up and recovering from lost heat. Will never rust like Stainless Steel, or release lead from Brass, will only oxidise and increase its antimicrobial properties as its age.


Warning:  Be careful of hot surfaces, water and steam at all time.
Do not allow vibration pumps to activate for more than 2 minutes, allow half amount of rest time for any long duration of activation.




Grouphead.. Expobar’s Direct Pre-infusion 58mm Heavy Grouphead
Boiler Type.. Heat Exchanger
Pump type.. Commercial Grade Vibration Pump
Quick Start Up.. No
Quick Steam.. Yes
Operation.. Switch
Indicator Lights.. On, off
Boiler Capacity.. 1.5 Litres
Water Tank Capacity.. 2.75 Litres
Water Tank Access.. Removable tray
Plumb in connection.. No
Pressure Gauge.. No
Internal Control.. Internal Pressurestat
Boiler Construction.. Copper
Chassis Construction.. Stainless Steel & Plastic
Steam/Water Valve Type.. Compression
Low Water Cut Off.. Yes
Low Water Indication.. Light
Heat Resistant Wands.. Heatproof Grips
Cup Warmer.. Yes
Number of Portafilter Holders.. 2 (Double and Single with baskets)
Free Accessories.. Rubber Blind Filter, Coffee Powder Scoop and Plastic Tamper.
Place of Production.. Spain
Place of Assembly.. Shanghai
Dimension.. 240 x 420 x 400 MM
Net Weight.. 17 KG
Gross Weight.. 19 KG
Power Supply.. 230V
Nominal Power.. 1240W
Warranty.. 6 months

Link to official website: Expobar Pulser

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