FCC Industrial Grade Metal Polish


Content: 50g Industrial grade in concentrated cream form, it cuts deep but is fine enough for polished surface. This is what we use to restore the shine and lustre on our machines. Gentle enough to restore, without damaging the surface. Normally only available in big tubs for industrial use, now available in smaller cans of 50g.   This can also be used on your fine jewels, watches, faucet, vehicles or most metal surfaces that you like to restore the shine or remove tarnishing. Use once and you will know this is the shortcut to maintain shiny surfaces.   Made in USA

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FCC Industrial Grade Metal Polish

Works in removing tarnish, rust, oxidation from metals like Stainless Steel, Silver, Gold, Brass, Bronze, Nickel, Tin, Aluminium, Titanium, Sterling, Platinum, Pewter, Copper, Chrome, etc. Also works with Plastic, Enamel, Glass, Marble, Linoleum, Porcelain, Crystal, Resin and Fibreglass.

Espresso machine polish before
10 years of grease stains and water marks.
Can’t be fully cleaned by household degreaser, detergent, surface cleaners, etc.
Espresso machine polish after
After 5 minutes of wipe with our metal polish

For the best result, use a microfibre cloth and clean surface before polishing. Wipe in a circular motion.

Also act as an inhibitor to keep corrosion from coming back too quickly.

Can it remove deep scratches?

No, it is unable to restore lost metal.

Will it cause fine scratches?

Technically, polished surfaces are creating by creating very fine scratches.

This metal polish is industrial grade for fine jewel, designed to lightly remove tarnishing and restoring the surface.
It creates the same fine scratches as seen in a new machine.

Most metal polishes in the market are very abrasive which could cause more visible scratches and destroy the mirror finish.

Can it be used on prints, painted, powder coated surface?

We don’t recommend as it could wear off some of the paint. One can try on an inconspicuous spot and check if the paint gets removed.

It could wear and remove off prints.

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