100% Arabica from Brazil
Decaffeinated. Caffeine < 0,1%

Light, flavorful decaf coffee
Dominated by sweetness, notes of hazelnuts and chestnuts. In the background is the long aftertaste of vanilla and dried fruits
Espresso, Brew or filter coffee
Whole Bean


Intensity Rating (Maximum ●●●●●)
Bitterness level: ●●
Acidity level: ●●
In 1975 the Meschini family decided to come up with an excellent decaffeinated coffee to offer to coffee lovers who wanted to avoid the effects of caffeine but did not want to give up on their coffee break. Kuz became the name of our 100% arabica decaf originating from Brazil and offering the pleasure of a delicate, light, yet flavourful coffee.

    The body is weak for a pure Arabica and lighter roast like this. You will need to use more coffee to extract and a finer grind. These are good choices if you are looking for coffee that is not bitter and interesting.

    Amount of coffee used: Minimum 18grams
    Portafilter to use: Double sprout
    Amount to extract: We recommend extracting a total of 30 ml to 40 ml in 20 seconds from the first drip.


    A latte made with these coffees should be smooth and retain its unique aromatic profiles.

    For 6oz or 180ml cup: We recommend using a 30ml single shot espresso.
    For 8oz or 240ml cup: We recommend using a 40ml double espresso.

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Arcaffè Kuz Decaffeinated Coffee

Italian Coffee Beans

Arcaffè history.

In 1893, the brothers Antonio and Luigi Meschini arrived in Livorno, Italy from Switzerland. Livorno was a bustling city full of business activities and flourishing with tourism. They started a drugstore in 1895 offering colonial goods, and coffee was one of the products.

Following the invention of the espresso machine in 1901, the coffee culture in Italy boomed, and the Meschini brothers decided on focusing and the development of their speciality coffee. Their introduction was a big success, and their coffee was used in many cafe bars around the region. Some of Arcaffè coffee remains the same recipe since 1926.

New Beginning

The Emergence of Coffee Legend Enrico Meschini

In 1986, Enrico Meschini entered the company and became the fourth-generation owner. He has a master’s degree in Natural Science, and he visits coffee farms across the globe extensively. He adamantly believes that the only way to produce good coffee starts is by cultivating good coffee using science. He saw the inconsistency between roasters, rampant misuse and false advertisement of counterfeit coffee, which is still happening today.

He founded the prestigious CSC certification in 1996, which has the most stringent standards to ensure that the certified coffee is made right from the production, transport, roasting and packaging. Every manufacturer is only given a specific number of certificate stickers depending on the amount of certified coffee they own. Coffee must be examined by independent examinators right to the finished product. With the certificate, one can trace back to the farm and confirm that the coffee is of certified quality and consistency.

csc coffee certification

Enrico Meschini eventually became a recognised legend in the coffee scene and was one of the jurors in the Cup of Excellence dubbed as the ‘Oscars of the coffee world’. This is the most magnificent coffee grading competition, where the most expensive and high-quality coffees are auctioned off.

Through Enrico Meschini’s relationship and complete understanding of good coffee. He could negotiate with the farmers directly and obtain premium coffee lots that are as close to the competition grade at fair value that benefits both his clients and the farmers.

New Heights

Premium coffee recognition

Prunella Meschini, the fifth-generation owner, has since taken over with Enrico in the backseat. Prunella is no amateur in the coffee scene and has brought the companies to new heights. Since she was young, she has accompanied his father, Enrico Meschini, around the world to hunt and monitor the process of making good coffee. She developed her expertise and was focused on the R&D. This led to the development of many new coffees, especially the newer Le Piantagioni branding, which has a sharper focus on high-quality speciality coffee.

Espresso machine Singapore Coffee beans singapore

A solid testament to her achievement was Le Piantagioni was featured by Forbes Magazine as the only receiver in the Specialty Coffee category in the top 100 Italian produces.

Italy’s Pride

Arcaffè. Italy’s spirit

Arcaffè has a long Italian history, and the brand has seen the ups and downs of Italy. From the wars, the economic crisis, and from histories of hardships. The flavours in their coffee have lived into the hearts of many Italians. Enrico and Prunella have decided to keep the coffee rooted in the traditional style, and many of the coffee remains the same recipe.

To improve the classics, they significantly improved the quality of the coffee and the production process used. There are no changes to the original recipes except for improving their aromatic profiles and consistency. Now, the notes are clearer with fewer astringents and a lot smoother.

Today, Arcaffè remains known for not only producing coffee profiles with traditional Italian characteristics. They are the top-end quality you would expect to receive when you walk into the best cafe bars in Italy. Arcaffè is not designed for mass quantity or profit. They are for the Italian spirit, pride and heritage. If you are looking for Classic Italian coffee’ at its finest expression, of what Italy can best produce. You must try Arcaffè!

Coffee for Home, Cafes and Restaurants

All our coffees have been destoned and scanned for hidden foreign objects. They are roasted to be suitable for any coffee machine and will not cause any damage.

The coffees are gas flushed with the leading Modified Atmosphere Packaging machines designed especially for preserving coffee. This seals the coffee to remain in a consistent condition with minimal deterioration in the first 6 months and can be stored for up to 18 months.

Users can enjoy the benefit of purchasing our coffee in larger quantities with better inventory control and cost savings.

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