Le Piantagioni Coffee Bean – JACQUELINE 89 (Special Reserve Range)


Special Reserve Limited Editions

Special reserve range coffee is obtained from micro-lots or specially reserved plots in estates owned by highly competent specialists. They are the bona fide cream of the crop, usually graded to have a cupping score of at least 85 points. They are the competition crop used to represent the region or country. Or reserved crop with equivalent or better quality, specially allocated to distinguish roasters. For Le Piantagioni’s case, only special reserve range vetted to be of extraordinary character and quality are used. Coffee are meticulously roasted by Le Piantagioni’s veterans to develop the flavours to reach its peak.

Limited Edition:
Due to the limited size of the crop, only a few hundreds or thousands of kg can be produced a year, and not available in every year. Limited editions are airfreight to Singapore immediately after roasting. Only some cartons of less than 10kg are sent each time, available twice or trice a year,

Best before date:
The Special reserve range are freshly roasted then airfreight from Italy directly and are not suitable nor needed to be nitrogen flushed.
For this lot, the best before date is end Sept 2020

Pacas, San Ramón Guatemalan Arabica. Washed. 1,750 and 2,100 meters of altitude.

Sensory characteristics:
Aromatic and remarkably acidic

Aromatic profiles:
Pear and peach smell, mango notes, unique sweetness, bright.

Ideal for:
Espresso, Brew or filter coffee

Coffee form:
Whole Bean

Roasted in:

Delivered in 2-3 working days

Le Piantagioni Coffee Bean – JACQUELINE 89
(Special Reserve Limited Editions)

JACQUELINE 89 Coffee Bean


Botanical variety / cultivar: Pacas, San Ramón

Processing: Fully washed

Harvest: January – April

Drying: Sun-dried, on patio + guardhouse

Altitude: 1,750 – 2,100 m asl



The Ovalle family is one of the most renowned Guatemalan families in the world of speciality coffees, having also won numerous Cup of Excellence® awards. The farm is named Las Terrazas and is currently owned by Renardo Ovalle who represents the 3rd generation of the family. It is located in a lush vegetation with high humidity where it is impossible to produce natural coffees. The plot is unique as it is on calcareous soil and on very high altitude of 1,750 to 2,100 meters. Here cherries are harvested at maturity and then pulped before being placed in fermentation tanks for about 24 – 48 hours (depending on the climate at the time of fermentation). Then the washing and selection process is completed according to the cherries density. Everything is done with precision, only possible by the Ovalle family.



Among the various coffees produced by the Ovalle family, the microlot named Jacqueline 89, has a very bright, elegant and complex organoleptic profile. Jacqueline, Renardo’s wife, uses her discerning palate and Q Grader training to help define the profiles and characteristics of each of the farm’s coffees and she marked this San Ramon and Pacas microlot 89, hence its name



JACQUELINE 89 is a coffee that gives many surprises with its peculiar profiles, coming from the limescale soil it is grown on, and on very high altitude. It’s the Picasso of coffee, uniquely indifferent, yet in a pleasant way that provokes thoughts that dwell deep. Able to achieve above 85 points by professional Q graders. It’s a coffee that gets sought after and sold out before it has a chance to be discovered by many.



Roasted for espresso and unblended, this coffee develops a clear, elegant and complex organoleptic profile. A perfect union between aromas of sweet fruits, with a clean, vibrant and bright character. Sweetness is highly perceivable throughout the entire cupping session. Jacqueline 89, a coffee to drink without adding sugar nor milk, preferably far from meals, in order not to miss any of its incredible scents




To know more, visit www.lepiantagionidelcaffe.com



JACQUELINE 89 Coffee Bean
Le Piantagioni Coffee Bean – JACQUELINE 89


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