Le Piantagioni Coffee Bean – LA CUMBRE (Special Reserve Range)


Special Reserve Limited Editions

Special reserve range coffee is obtained from micro-lots or specially reserved plots in estates owned by highly competent specialists. They are the bona fide cream of the crop, usually graded to have a cupping score of at least 85 points. They are the competition crop used to represent the region or country. Or reserved crop with equivalent or better quality, specially allocated to distinguish roasters. For Le Piantagioni’s case, only special reserve range vetted to be of extraordinary character and quality are used. Coffee are meticulously roasted by Le Piantagioni’s veterans to develop the flavours to reach its peak.


Limited Edition:
Due to the limited size of the crop, only a few hundreds or thousands of kg can be produced a year, and not available in every year. Limited editions are airfreight to Singapore immediately after roasting. Only some cartons of less than 10kg are sent each time, available twice or trice a year,
Best before date:
The Special reserve range are freshly roasted then airfreight from Italy directly and are not suitable nor needed to be nitrogen flushed.
For this lot, the best before date is end Sept 2020
100% Bourbon, SHG EP, Ee Salvador. Processed with traditional Salvadoran natural method.
Sensory characteristics:
Fruity and subtly mellow
Aromatic profiles:
Remarkable fruity character. Scent of apple, cherry and banana. Surrounded with sweetness and a silky texture.
Ideal for:
Espresso, Brew or filter coffee
Coffee form:
Whole Bean
Roasted in:

Le Piantagioni Coffee Bean – LA CUMBRE
(Special Reserve Limited Editions)

LA CUMBRE Coffee Bean



La Cumbre’s coffee had once topped the Cup of Excellence awards with their coffee from the El Manzano plot. The name La Cumbre which means the summit, enables the cultivation of coffee that is of the highest standard in the region. The batch that had won awards may have been sold to the highest bidder, that does not mean the coffee obtained by Le Piantagioni is of anything inferior. The bourbon used by Le Piantagioni for the LA CUMBRE is owned by the next generation owner, Emilio. Grown between 1500m and 1600m, which is even higher than El Manzano by about 200m, The result is a coffee that has a far more distinctive fruity scent, amazing complexity and had obtained a higher grade in their laboratory cupping.



Emilio is the seventh generation of a historic coffee family for the La Cumbre plantation. Since 2001, when he started to run the business, he decided he would be led by modern farming practices. It was in those years, Le Piantagioni’s founder Enrico Meschini met Emilio. Despite his young age, Emilio was still attached to the idea of producing washed coffee, like they did in the rest of El Salvador, so Enrico suggested that he restores the ancient traditional method of Salvadoran processed coffee, done in a natural way. Emilio immediately accepted his ideas, and have his coffee mainly processed with natural methods that were later proven to be a big success.



When you get to La Cumbre, you’ll immediately understand that this Finca coffee is completely different from the others. Here research and experimentation lead the whole work, not only during the harvest and the processing, but from the selection of varieties to plant. Information is collected at every step so that all the coffee and its evolution are fully traceable throughout the processing phases.
Their machineries are modern and innovatory, their cleanliness is stunning and the staffs are experts in what they do. Each batch of coffee is analysed and cupped in the laboratory. No detail is left behind: everything is traceable, from the plot of land where the coffee is grown to the bag where it is finally packed.



Best enjoyed by itself, Expect fruity characters. Apple aroma, cherry and banana taste, enveloping sweetness and silky body: these are the characteristics you should expect in the cup. Ideal as mid-morning or afternoon coffee, between meals and preferably without any milk or sugar, in order to better appreciate its peculiarity. Food and milk may muffle your taste and thanks to the natural sweetness of this coffee, sugar is not needed.



Botanical variety / cultivar:

100% Bourbon






End of December-mid February



Sun dried, on patios



1500 – 1600 m asl


Quality / screen:



To know more, visit www.lepiantagionidelcaffe.com



LA CUMBRE Coffee Bean
Le Piantagioni Coffee Bean – LA CUMBRE


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