Le Piantagioni Ground Coffee Powder – *** 85/15 BLEND ***


85% Arabica.from San Luis, Yrgalem, Samambaia, Lagoa do Morro, El Hato Blue, Fairlands estate and 15% robusta. from Balehonnur estate.

Sensory characteristics:
Complex and smooth

Aromatic profiles:
Notes of vanilla and shortcrust pastry; a sweet blend with dark chocolate aftertaste.

Ideal for:
Espresso, Brew or filter coffee

Ideal for:
Coffee: Moka pot, pour over, drip, filter, brew, french press

Coffee form:
Ground Coffee Powder (250g)





It is a blend of arabica coffees coming from the estates of Lagoa do Morro (Brazil), El Hato Blue (Guatemala), San Luis (El Salvador), to which the coffee of the Yrgalem (Ethiopia) Special Selection and the robusta of the Blehonnur estate have been added. The result is a blend where complexity and balance melt.The flavours peculiar to the different arabica coffees mix together to create a very rich sensory picture. The robusta coffee of the Balehonnur estate brings an amiable scent of vanilla and a round body, enriching the cup with an enduring and generous cream.This blend of estate coffees contains only CSC® – Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati certified coffees: on each bag you will find a numbered anti-counterfeiting label that guarantees the sole use of CSC certified coffees.


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Le Piantagioni Coffee Powder – 85/15 Blend

85/15 Blend Coffee Powder



Le Piantagioni journey in the world of coffee started in 1994 and it was mainly a quest.
They have always gone beyond the concepts of location and country of origin, as far as the estate, retracing the road first walked by the world of wine. In each estate coffee they search for the indelible signature of the soil, of the botanical variety, of the selective harvesting, pulping, drying process. The roasting and the brewing finally enhance the coffee in the cup.
And it’s right there in the cup, where people discover their job, that they want to propose some special coffees with defined characters, to choose depending on the personal taste and on the time of the day.
When the world of coffee did not even imagine what an estate coffee was and when nobody traveled the world to select their raw materials, they did…..today when everybody is talking about “origin”, they keep following their path


The ideas of the founder Carlalberto Relli, met Enrico Meschini’s experience; the heir of a four-generation family always devoted to quality coffees. Enrico had already experienced several travels to the estates, thanks to which he had broadened his knowledge about coffee and his tasting skills, as far as becoming a member of the International jury of the Cup of Excellence and the founder and President of CSC – Certified Speciality Coffee Association.
This meeting gave us the strength to invest on the forefront idea of the estate coffees.


With Le Piantagioni you will find many different coffees offered unblended (single estate), combinations (two estates) or blends. A wide range of crafted coffees, all with defined characteristics, will drive you through a delightful sensory experience and will guide your choice thanks to a speaking label, displaying the estates of origin, the organoleptic features and the best brewing options. You will also learn that coffee can have several tastes, you will taste it and discover, even if you didn’t know it, that you have your preferences and finally you will select your own coffee.


To pursue the quality, Le Piantagioni has chosen to start from the beginning, visiting the countries of origin in search of estate coffees with interesting characteristics. During these trips, they have built and keep on building direct relationships with the producers of special coffees. They have shared their experiences and have worked towards improving the quality of the estate coffees and, consequently, of their products. Nowadays, the producers they source from, have become coffee specialists like them, regardless of the dimension of the estate.


All Le Piantagioni coffee have been destoned and packed in the most advanced sealing equipment to ensure minimal deterioration in the first six months.
A lot of attention is paid to preserve the quality of the coffee. Users will be able to store their unopened bag of coffee for a longer period.


To know more, visit www.lepiantagionidelcaffe.com




85/15 Blend Coffee Powder
Le Piantagioni Coffee Powder – 85/15 Blend


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