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100% handpicked Arabica. 100% Bourbon

Smooth with a good clarity
Note of tangerine and white chocolate.
Espresso, Brew or filter coffee
Whole Bean



Intensity Rating (Maximum ●●●●●)
Bitterness level: ●●
Acidity level: ●●
This exquisite coffee hails from the esteemed Los Bellotos estate, named after the rare and protected belloto acorn trees that grace its lands.
Thriving at impressive altitudes on especially steep terrains, each bean is meticulously handpicked, ensuring unparalleled quality.
The beans are then delicately transported to the renowned Pacas processing facility where they undergo a unique fermentation in specialized tanks, followed by a drying process on suspended beds.
The culmination of these precise steps, combined with our master artisan roasting techniques, crafts a coffee that boasts a vibrant acidity, underscored by luxurious notes of mandarin orange and velvety white chocolate. Truly a premium experience for the discerning palate

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Le Piantagioni Coffee Bean – Los Bellotos

Finca Los Bellotos

El Salvador – Finca Los Bellotos

Botanical variety: 100% Bourbon
Processing: Fully washed     
Harvest: December - Februrary     
Drying: On suspension beds and patios    
Altitude: 1.400 – 1.800 m asl
Quality/screen: SHG EP

Finca Los Bellotos, nestled on the western flank of the Cerro Verde volcano, is an emblem of coffee excellence and heritage. Acquired by Café Pacas in 2012, this farm is the crown jewel in the Pacas family's rich 150-year legacy that spans five generations. Their dedication to coffee cultivation led to the discovery of the distinctive Pacas coffee variety, a testament to their commitment to innovation and quality.

The farm's manager, Ruperto Bernardino Merche, has masterfully curated a team driven by passion, ensuring every bean harvested meets unparalleled standards. This dedication manifests in their approach to battling coffee rust, a common plague, ensuring the coffee remains pristine in quality.

A hallmark of Finca Los Bellotos is its inherent exclusivity and luxury. It's not just any coffee farm; it's where the famed Bernardina varietal, a 100% Bourbon coffee, was first identified, positioning it as a treasure trove for coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

Adding to its allure are the endangered Belloto trees that majestically spread across the farm, creating a natural canopy that bathes the coffee plants in dappled sunlight. This unique environment, coupled with the protective shield of the Izalco Volcano, cultivates a microclimate perfect for producing premium coffee.

One can't help but be captivated by the farm's exclusive operational rhythm. Work commences at dawn, leveraging the crisp morning air, and ensuring the afternoon's enveloping fog doesn't compromise the harvest's integrity.

Finca Los Bellotos isn't merely a farm; it's an experience—a journey into the world of exclusive, premium Bourbon coffee. Every bean echoes the farm's exclusivity, promising a cup that's not just coffee, but a sip of history, legacy, and unmatched quality.

Setting the bar above cafe quality

Le Piantagioni History

It started in 1893 when brothers Antonio and Luigi Meschini arrived in Italy from Switzerland. They became involved in the roasting and retailing coffee and created their first coffee brand Arcaffè.

The company survived the World War and economic recessions. The destruction destroyed the company, but it rose from the ash each time and rebuilt itself.

Coffee Legend Enrico Meschini

Enrico Meschini, taking over his family’s company in 1986, revolutionized Italian coffee practices using scientific methods for quality assessment.

In 1996, Enrico established the Certified Specialty Coffee (CSC) certification, ensuring consistent, high-quality coffee through rigorous inspections, and protecting consumers from counterfeit coffee.

Access to genuine specialty coffee

Meschini’s expertise led him to become a juror at the esteemed Cup of Excellence, often called the ‘Oscars of the coffee world’.

His role at this grand coffee grading competition allowed him to directly negotiate with top-tier farmers, securing specialty coffees near competition grade at fair prices.

Discovery of Le Piantagioni

Le Piantagioni del Caffè, a small business roasting single-estate coffees, was founded in 1994. Enrico Meschini, joined the company in 1999, initially as a minority shareholder, and later as the majority shareholder.

Enrico’s innovative approach breathed new life into the business: the numerous trips to source countries to meet with producers in person, combined with his knowledge, improved the quality and consistency of the roasted coffees.

Absolute Quality

Enrico’s daughter, a Molecular Biology graduate Prunella joined the company and spearheaded the research and development of new coffees.

The company maintains quality through daily lab testing of coffee batches and assigning individual roasting profiles to each estate’s coffee. Coffees are roasted separately and blended after roasting to maintain distinct aromas, with the roasting process overseen by a master roaster.

Two main categories

Di Piantagione coffee is single-estate coffee, individually processed to preserve the unique aromas of each location and respect the growers’ craftsmanship. This caters to customers desiring a distinct and pure aromatic profile in their coffee.

Specialty People Blends are quality everyday coffees made by combining single-estate coffees, creating a range of flavours and complexity. They can be appreciated without expert knowledge, making them a good starting point for those new to specialty coffee.

Le Piantagioni. Italy’s finest

Quality will always be the key strength of Le Piantagioni.

Though emphasizes quality control through daily sampling, laboratory analysis of their coffee, and cup results. Le Piantagioni maintains consistency through its stringent quality criteria that must always be met. Their commitment to quality was recognized with Forbes Magazine featuring them as the sole Specialty Coffee category recipient in the top 100 Italian producers, marking Le Piantagioni as a symbol of the finest Italian coffee.
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Coffee for Home, Cafes and Restaurants

All our coffees have been destoned and scanned for hidden foreign objects. They are roasted to be suitable for any coffee machine and will not cause any damage.

The coffees are gas flushed with the leading Modified Atmosphere Packaging machines designed especially for preserving coffee. This seals the coffee to remain in a consistent condition with minimal deterioration in the first 6 months and can be stored for up to 18 months.

Users can enjoy the benefit of purchasing our coffee in larger quantities with better inventory control and cost savings.


To know more, visit https://www.lepiantagionidelcaffe.com

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