Puly Caff 1 Litre Barsteryl Professional Food Grade Sanitizing Cleaner


The most premium food grade surface cleaner, to be used in every kitchen and can be used in any commercial or household environment.

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Puly Caff 1 Litre Barsteryl Professional Food Grade Sanitizing Cleaner

H.A.C.C.P Certified in Critical Control Points.
Puly Caff 1 Litre Barsteryl had been certified that it’s effective to prevent, eliminate, or reduce hazards to an acceptable level.

H.A.C.C.P Certified in Hazard Analysis.
Puly Caff 1 Litre Barsteryl had been certified that it should be part of preventive measures applied to control food safety hazards.

A necessity cleaning item in every kitchen or boutique to clean surfaces.

The Barsteryl is a patented and professional grade product, safe enough to be used with food equipment. No rinsing required.

It cleans and sanitize all surfaces.  Works with stainless steel, lacquers, marbles, plastics, glass, crystals, mirrors, chopping boards, knifes, etc.
Barsteryl can be used to remove most solid food residues.

• Fast – Easy to use – No foaming.
• Do not leave odors or residues.
• No rinsing is needed – Self vanishing – Self drying.
• Perfect for pubs, restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, offices, boutiques and shops etc.



1. Flammable
2. Do not spray directly on food.
3. Irritating to eyes
4. Use only in well ventilated area.
5. Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness.


Puly Caff is a subsidiary unit from Asachimici group who had been formulating cleaners for the food industry since 1890.
The brand Puly Caff was specially established for the coffee sector and their products are of the highest premium standard formulated by chemists with baristas.

It is the most preferred brand used by professionals and households in Italy and for most demanding.
Highly recommended by established manufacturers of espresso machines, particularly Bezzera, the mechanist family who invented the first espresso machines.

All Puly Caff products are made in Italy.


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