Puly Caff 3.5g Grouphead Detergent Powder Sachets



Puly Caff 3.5g Grouphead Detergent is an important cleaning agent to keep your espresso machine clean in the inside and maintain its brewing performance.

In this version, the detergent is in powdered form and in sachets for easy usage.

Comes in sachet of 3.5g and made in Italy.

Use one pack for each grouphead.

Delivered in 2-3 working days

Puly Caff 3.5g Grouphead Detergent Powder Sachets

The preferred premium cleaning agent used in Italy by professionals.

Each packet contains 3.5g Grouphead Detergent Powder Sachets, the powder is NSF tested and certified safe for commercial use.
It can be used in semi professional and professional machines that require backflushing or can be used for cleaning portafilters. Does not cause corrosion and erode metal.

It removes coffee stain from the group, electric valves and water circuit. Formulated to reduce scale at grouphead too.
It is perfect for all espresso machines and parts cleaning.
Bottle features a directional pour flapper closure for easy usage.

Frequency of usage:
For small environment making less than 20 cups a day, 1 to 2 times every 2 weeks.

For a very heavy commercial environment making hundreds of cups a day, we will recommend 1-2 times a day.
Once in the morning before your first cup, and maybe another time in the early afternoon after your morning rush.

How to use?

Cleaning of grouphead:

1. Insert the blind filter in the filter holder and add 1 packet of 3.5g Puly Caff powder.

2. Insert filter holder back into the grouphead.

3. Start brew cycle for 10 seconds and stop for 10 seconds. Repeat this operation for 5 times.

4. Start brew cycle and rinse portafilter with the hot water from the grouphead. Stop cycle.

5. Insert filter holder into grouphead and repeat step 2 to rinse.

6. Make and discard an espresso.


Soak cleaning of portafilters:

1. Soak filter baskets and filter holders for 15 mins in 3 packets of 3.5g Puly Caff powder dissolved in 1 litre of hot water.

2. Rinse all parts with portable water.



1. DO NOT perform descaling and grouphead flushing with detergent back to back or together, keep them done separately at intervals of few days of use later.

2. For cleaning filter holders, only submerge the metalic heads into the dissolved mixture. Avoid contact with the handle.

3. Do not use blind filter on the Bezzera Strega machine. For intensive cleaning, mix powder to form a paste and brush the grouphead. Rinse after cleaning.

4. Keep out of reach from children. Keep in a cool and dry place.


Puly Caff is a subsidiary unit from Asachimici group who had been formulating cleaners for the food industry since 1890.
The brand Puly Caff was specially established for the coffee sector and their products are of the highest premium standard formulated by chemists with baristas.

It is the most preferred brand used by professionals and households in Italy and for most demanding.
Highly recommended by established manufacturers of espresso machines, particularly Bezzera, the engineering family who invented the first espresso machines.

All Puly Caff products are made in Italy.


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