Puly Caff Blindy 58MM Blind Filter


Puly Caff Blindy 58MM Blind Filter, the tool to get your estimations more accurate.

Delivered in 2-3 working days

Puly Caff Blindy 58MM Blind Filter


Puly Caff Blindy


58mm diameter, suitable for all Expobar and Bezzera equipment. They are deeper to allow more room for circulation to easier dissolve the grouphead detergent.

For people who prefer to use the grouphead detergent in powdered form, which are most easily dissolvable and more affordable.
The Puly Caff Blindy comes with a marking to indicate how much to pour in. This helps baristas control their usage as pouring too many will cause adverse effects on the equipment. While pouring too little will not clean the valves properly



The Puly Caff Blindy is not suitable for grouphead detergent in tablet form.

Do not use any blind filter on the Bezzera Strega.


Puly Caff is a subsidiary unit from Asachimici group who had been formulating cleaners for the food industry since 1890.
The brand Puly Caff was specially established for the coffee sector and their products are of the highest premium standard formulated by chemists with baristas.

It is the most preferred brand used by professionals and households in Italy and for most demanding.
Highly recommended by established manufacturers of espresso machines, particularly Bezzera, the mechanist family who invented the first espresso machines.

All Puly Caff products are made in Italy.


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