Trading in

Every Bezzera/Expobar machine purchased from Fine Coffee Company will retain a minimum value.

If you are intending to go for a new machine from us. We are accepting trade-in for any Bezzera/Expobar espresso machines or grinders purchased from Fine Coffee Company or its affiliated resellers at the following value:

  • 10% of its current retailing value for working units.
  • 5% of its current retailing value for malfunctioned units.

In the event that the model had been phased out, the value will be in accord with its last retailing value or the value of its new replacing model, whichever is lower.

Fine Coffee Company reserves the right to make any amendments and reject any machines at our discreet.
Espresso machines returned must be with full sets of original accessories and must be not modified.

To arrange for trading in, email us at

As the financial year ends and the festive season approaches, we expect a lot of orders and service requests. Please submit your orders earlier so we can avoid any delays or being out of stock.