Water not flowing for Brewtus with vibration pump in water tank mode

In coffee machines, there’s an issue known as “air lock”.
What happens is air pressurise in the boiler and block the flow of water.
This can happen to any new machines, a machine that had not been used for some time, or the machine had sucked in air by accident.

This is more common for a new Brewtus with vibration pump set to water tank due to the larger capacity boilers with a smaller pump.
Sometimes, water may not feed into the boiler because the water inlet hose was not submerged under water or correctly positioned, or the water tank has too little water.

To purge the air and resume the flow of water, please refer to the following instructions.


Always keep in mind that for every two minutes of the pump working, it needs one minute of rest.



Ensure machine is in tank mode.

Below is a photo from Expobar, of the machine viewed from the back.
The switch is in plumb in mode. Turn to the other side for water tank mode.
Please check if the switch is set correctly. When you first get your machine, it should be in tank mode.
Brewtus water switch
Brewtus water switch to plumb in mode

Remove the water softener and perform the following steps a few times.

1. Switch off machine.

2. Check water tank is full and correctly place.

3. Check inlet water hose is submerged under water inside the water tank.

4. Take out the loaded water tank and replace it back to ensure it sits properly onto the sensor lever if necessary.

5. Keep the water wand’s valve open

6. Switch on the machine and the pump should start pumping. Allow it to pump for 10 seconds and switch off, check is the water drawing into the inlet hose. Do it for not more than 5 times.

7. DO NOT allow the pump to pump continuously for too long. For every two minutes of work on the vibration pump, it requires one minute of rest.

8. If water is drawn successfully from step 6, the machine should be ready.


If it doesn’t work, you can remedy it by forcing water through the tube manually.

1. Have a syringe or turkey baster and load it with water.

2. Insert the syringe/turkey baster into the inlet water hose(Remove the water filter if it’s attached)

3. Switch on the machine and/or activate to brew to start the pump.(Not longer than 10 seconds).

4. As it’s pumping, quickly make a tight seal with the syringe/turkey baster and the inlet tube and force water through the tube.

5. Once it draws all the water from the syringe/turkey baster, off the machine. Put back the water hose into the water and switch on to see if it can draw water on its own. Else repeat step 1-4.


Remember that for every two minutes of the pump working, it needs one minute of rest.




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