Choose the right espresso machine

Every machine will have its own advantages and we know buyers are often confused on what to get.
This is the page to assist you, and it’s fairly accurate to narrow down the choices.

To choose the appropriate machine for your usage, answer the following below.
Using the selection table, pick the product which best meets your needs.
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We will consider that you need a heavy duty machine if you are making more than 10 extractions an hour, which can be up to 10 – 20 cups.
If you really need it for heavier usage and think that one group is not sufficient, you can just get a couple of units and add-on modularly.

Also note that spring piston espresso machines like the Bezzera Strega, will require some strength and height to pull down the lever down. It has to be handled with prudence and are not be suitable for petite users.


Prices indicated are for reference and should not be taken as an indication of the actual selling price. For the correct current price, please refer to the product’s page.

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