Choose the right espresso machine

To choose the appropriate machine for your usage, pick the product that best meets your needs.



BZ Thermal Efficient

Produces espressos with sharper clarity.
Faster startup time.
Affordable long-term repair.

Classic E61

Slightly smoother extraction with a period of pre-infusion.
Components are easily available worldwide.

Spring Lever

Dynamic pressure profile that releases a wider spectrum of aromatic notes.
A larger amount of preinfusion for smoother extraction.
High durability
Affordable long-term repair.

E61 with enhanced preinfusion

Smoother extraction with slightly more pre-infusion
Components are easily available worldwide.


Boiler system

Single Boiler

Smaller boiler for low usage.
Unable to froth milk and brew at the same time.
They are not recommended for drinkers who prefer to do mostly milk recipes like lattes or cappuccinos.
More affordable for repairs.

Heat Exchanger 

A boiler in a boiler system.
Able to froth milk and brew at the same time.
Water used for espresso is always fresh.
Better clarity in espresso.
Good for making any recipes.
More affordable for repairs.

Double Boiler

Two boilers, one for brewing and one for frothing milk.
Able to froth milk and brew at the same time.
More consistent temperature profile.
Good for any recipes.
More costly long-term repairs.


90% of our users prefer a heat exchanger


To know how to use the machines, please refer to the Newbie Starter Guide.

There’s no particular training required, but do note that spring piston espresso machines like the Bezzera Strega, will require some strength, height and physical capability to pull the lever down. It has to be handled with prudence to avoid injury and they are not suitable for petite users. Please follow the video guides closely on the Bezzera Strega product page before usage, particularly paying attention to how the handle can spring back without proper usage.

If you are going for a commercial or high traffic environment, you will require machines with rotary pumps which are rated for heavy duty usage, one exception is the Bezzera Strega TOP that doesn’t depend on the pump for extraction. For a huge traffic and think that one group is not sufficient, you can adopt having a couple of units and add-on modularly.


Prices indicated are for reference and should not be taken as an indication of the actual selling price. For the correct current price, please refer to the product’s page.

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