Bezzera Professional 2013 AL Espresso Machine

Bezzera B2013 AL (Single group)


The Bezzera B2013 AL is among the most durable espresso machine invented. The lever action creates impossible shots much preferred by experienced baristas with pressure profiling manoeuvres.

A winner in ease of use, performance. With no pump required, it’s an incredibly hardy machine that can last for generations with minor maintenances.

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Bezzera B2013 AL

Naples is the epicentre of the Italian’s coffee culture. Where lever machines are most frequently used.
Neapolitan coffee is strong and short. Yet it has great clarity and flavourful, the exact definition of a quality espresso.

This can only be easily expressed with a proper lever espresso machine and Bezzera B2013 AL is a premium preferred.


The average shots extracted by the Bezzera B2013 AL, is generally better or comparable to the best shots one can get with common groupheads used in the market.

Powered by a thermosiphon system to maintain its temperature, for repeating high traffic of cups with strong stability.
The movement of pressure during extraction enables a spectrum of flavours released naturally, even in the hands of the most amateur baristas.
Surpassing most machines that runs on a flat line of pressure, with good results expected from coffee blends on pure origins.


In espresso extraction, it’s common to hear of a problem call channelling, water unable to pass through steadily or evenly.
It involves hydrodynamics to how pressurized water channel through the coffee bed and form an espresso.
Anything can contribute to channelling issues, whether the user, grinder or the machine.

For machines that uses pump or hand pressed levers to extract throughout the process. Channelling issues are more prevalent.
For pumps, as it pushes water, the vibration from the pump creates little tremors which disturb the water flow and the coffee bed.
Likewise for hand pressed levers, at different angles of how the barista press will bring about different pressure leading to tremors.
These contribute to channelling issues.

For the Bezzera B2013, the machine has no pump to cause any vigorous vibration.
Once the chamber is filled with the maximum pressure, the extraction is slowly done, with zero vibrations and disturbance to the extraction.
The pressure reduces in a very steady pattern and brings about slower and richer extraction.
It also has a huge column of water for pre-infusion, the column of water acts as a cushion from direct water injections.
Extraction is easily beautiful and done perfectly.

The Bezzera B2013 AL is a very user friendly machine, it’s the easiest machine to achieve a shot of excellence with consistency.


For a machine, the part that works the most, usually has the highest risk of breaking down first.
For an espresso machine, that should be the pump.

The Bezzera B2013 AL, it has no pump to worry.
Besides being amazingly hardy, it’s designed to give the best extraction with consistency.
It’s a model that had been tested to be the most heavy duty among the lines, across almost all machines.
The extraction is mainly done by natural movement of water.

The entire main body is made of stainless steel AISI 304.


The Bezzera B2013 AL with its thermosiphon system, helps users to repeat shots quickly without worrying about thermal stability.
The large boiler allows more water usage without influencing much on the machine.

Since it is a heat exchanger machine. Meaning users can brew coffee and froth milk at the same time. Water is always fresh, giving coffee a clean taste.
A double safety system guaranteed by thermostat and hydraulic overpressure valve.

We will recommend getting separate single groups for easier operation if multi groups required.


Grouphead..Thermosiphon Lever Grouphead
Number of Groupheads..1
Boiler Type..Bezzera’s Improved Heat Exchange System.Water always fresh.
Pump type..Not available, manual refill
Quick Start Up..No
Quick Steam..No
Indicator Lights..On, off, heating
Boiler Capacity..5 Litres
Water Tank Capacity..0 Litres (Plump in only)
Water Tank Access..Not Available
Plumb in connection..Yes
Pressure Gauge..Steam
Internal Control..Heavy Duty Pressurestat
Boiler Construction..Copper
Chassis Construction..Painted steel plate body and satined stainless steel (AISI 304).
Steam/Water Valve Type..Manual valve
Low Water Cut Off..Visual
Low Water Indication..Visual
Heat Resistant Wands..Heat Proof Grips
Cup Warmer..Yes
Number of Portafilter Holders..Single and double
Place of Production..100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera
Place of Assembly..100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera (By Hand)
Dimension..490 x 495 x 780 MM
Net Weight..42 KG
Gross Weight..52 KG
Power Supply..220-230V 50-60 Hz
Nominal Power..2000 W (Hard wiring required)
Warranty..1 Year



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