Bezzera BB005 Coffee Grinder

Bezzera BB005 Coffee Grinder


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Practical and sturdy.

The Bezzera BB005 grinder is definitely one of the most value for money grinder with grind quality not losing out to commercial line.
Bezzera BB005 is the only necessary grind on demand semi professional grinder Bezzera designed, and is all they need.

It’s the perfect equipment to fit all environment for small to medium capacity consumption.
A set up of 2 to 3 smaller grinders with different blends offering customers different choices according to their preference is an intelligent choice for gourmet cafes.


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Product Description

Bezzera BB005 Coffee Grinder

Despite having a full arsenal of espresso machines of different character and usage.
BB005 is the only compact on-demand grinder Bezzera designed.
You can use it for a small-medium size environment with limitless possibilities of settings till you have your preferred dose.

A quick guide for owners:



48mm Conic Burrs

As conic burrs have a longer grind length. It will require less rounds(RPM) to grind a dose of coffee.
What it effectively means is there will be less heat created and heat will be well dispersed onto its wider grind area, which preserves the integrity of the coffee tremendously.
This can have a remarkable result on medium/low roasted Arabica coffee.

Grind quality is more consistent as the grinds will have to go through more area before it exits.
Lastly, conic burrs are more durable. Not only that, the motors also last longer as they go at very low speed.

It is worth noting that decent size 48mm conic burrs are not common and are way ahead what others offer at the same price.

Fresh on demand

Beans can better preserve from oxidation when it is bean form. In powdered form, the surface area will increase exponentially which hasten oxidation.
This is an on demand grinder, meaning the beans will be ground and immediately dosed into the portafilter for immediate use only when it’s activated.


The Bezzera BB005 has a timer to dose the amount of coffee needed according to the duration set.
To activate, hit the button conveniently located under the outlet chute while you are placing the portafilter.

True Stepless Adjustments

This is significant as the grinder can be set indefinitely until the grind level is as fine as you please.
A full round of turn only moves a tiny difference.

Quick Adjustment For Low Volume Users

Think of this, coffee will deteriorate its quality every day.

Meaning, the grind setting made today may not work a few days later for the same bag of beans. Not because the grinder had gone wrong, it’s because the coffee had deteriorated.
When this happen, experience users will compensate the lack of crema by adjusting the grind and timer to increase it’s resistance for a better flow

What the Bezzera BB005 can do is the knobs are conveniently located at the sides and can be adjusted easily, adjustments can be made directly, instantly and easily.
As compared to most grinders that have to enter into the grinder’s program mode before tuning.

Well-Designed Hopper

The Bezzera BB005 had been designed with a small hopper to accomodate 250g of beans.
This is the standard and perfect size for small environment, most coffee roasters sell in 250g packs.

The hopper had been tinted blue, this colour best reduce damage from internal refracted light.


The conic burr with its slower rotating speed will make the grinder last considerably longer under normal usage.
Both motor and burrs are suppose to last longer.
With a hard stainless steel chassis, users won’t have much worries on scratches from the portafilter.

Easy Cleaning

The nozzle is wide to reduce the chance of retention.
A tap on the nozzle will drop off most retained coffee in the area.
Coffee stuck at the nozzle can accumulate, harden and eventually cause the grinder to get stuck.

It comes with a bottom tray which collects coffee grinds that fall off. It is easily detachable for cleaning.

Since the burr size isn’t too big, it can be easily cleaned with Pulycaff’s grinder cleaner without dismantling.

It is important to use the grinder brush and empty the chute occasionally.
Depending on the the level of oiliness of the bean, coffee can be retained and eventually blocking coffee from dosing out correctly.
The grinder should not be used to grind other objects.

Do not insert your finger into the grinder!

Additional information:
The latest version of the Bezzera BB005 timer control had been changed.

Bezzera BB005 Timer
Bezzera BB005 Timer

It no longer shows micro measurements due to too much confusion to users.
It had also replaced the pictures of cups or numbers to dots as it was hard to see where the pointer was pointing.
The control is now simpler with just dots as indicators which represents the dosage.

Type.. Grinder On Demand
Usage.. For small environment (Up to 2kg a day)
Burrs.. Conic 48 MM
RPM.. 900
Hopper Capacity.. 250 Grammes
Grinding speed.. 4KG/HR
UV Protected Hopper.. Yes (Blue Tint)
Dosage.. Yes ( By Timer)
Place of Production.. 100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera
Place of Assembly.. 100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera (By Hand)
Dimension.. 130 x 260 x 400 MM
Net Weight.. 4 KG
Gross Weight.. 5.5 KG
Power Supply.. 230V
Nominal Power.. 100W
Warranty 1 Year


Please note that the warranty does not cover the burrs.
The burrs are made with exceptionally strong material. There’s no way it be can damaged by grinding coffee beans in a year in a non industrial environment, unless abused.

That includes but not limited to the following:
Usage of grinder to grind other material. Usage of poorly processed beans with stones within, or usage of grinders in a non-domestic environment.

Link to product: Bezzera BB005


General Instructions

Put the machine on a plane surface with sizes and solidity suitable to overall dimensions of the equipment.
Do not use water jets or install in places where water jets are used.
To ensure regular operation, the equipment shall be installed in places with temperature between 5 to 32 degree Celsius and not exceeding 70% humidity.
The machine is electrically powered and requires power supply connection for operation.

Understanding the grinder

Bezzera BB005 Description


Turning on the grinder for first use

1. Turn 25 FULL rounds at the grind setting towards (-) before pouring in any beans

2. Remove the cover and pour the coffee beans into the hopper.

( Attention: It is forbidden to use any material different from coffee beans in the grinder. The grinder contains moving parts which maybe dangerous; it is forbidden to introduce your finger and/or other objects.)

3. Close the cover.

4.. Insert the plug into your power socket.

5. Press the main switch to switch on. The lights will be on.

6. Fine tune the grinder according to your preference and your coffee character. Try to achieve 25ml from each spout of the filter holder in 25 seconds.


Warning: Like any grinders, do not make huge grind adjustments unnecessarily to prevent beans from getting stuck.

Grind adjustment

Bezzera BB005 Grinder Fineness
Bezzera BB005  grind adjustment control

Grind adjustment in a personal factor and depends on many variables such as temperature, humidity, coffee quality, size or shape of the filter basket and the type of portafilter used, etc.
The machine is provided with stepless adjustments and the factory default is on medium grinding coarseness.

Rotating towards the – direction == > For finer powder.
Rotating towards the + direction ==> For coarser powder.


Tip 1: If one wants to zero the grinder, or find the grinder’s finest spot.

Attention before continuing: Please set the dosing adjustment control to the least duration at the (-) position for all adjustments.

Bezzera BB005 Timer
Bezzera BB005 dosing adjustment control

Rotate the grind adjustment control in the – direction until you hear the grindstones touching each other when you press for activation. It will have some shrieking sounds of metal touching.

Attention: The grinder will heat up rapidly when they meet. Do not proceed to tighten the grindstones any closer nor activate the grinder to spin too much.
Allow some time for the grinder to rest and dissipate the heat once heat can be felt

Coffee powder will not be able to be produced at this stage as the grindstones are too close to each other. Start rotating back in the + direction until powder can be seen delivering out of the nozzle.

Tip 2: If you want to reset back to the factory default.

i) Zero the grinder by following tip 1.

ii) Rotate the grind adjustment 70 full rounds in the (+) direction.


Dose adjustment

Bezzera BB005 Timer

There’s a few positionings for the control.

The dots represent the dosage.  The more dots, the longer it will spin during activation and more coffee powder you can get.


Calibrating the BB005 Grinder

We will suggest that you should have a digital scale that measures in grams, preferably to 0.1g if possible.

Keep a few things in mind:

  • There are no bags of beans that are of the same quality, unless they are of the same production batch. Thus it may require some tuning for every new bag of beans.
  • Crema can depend on the nature of the coffee beans. Some beans being more oily, form a thicker crema. We will generally recommend a blend that has a little mix of robusta beans.
  • When you transport or knock a grinder, the settings maybe slightly off.
  • It takes a lot of turns to produce any effect as this is a stepless grinder. Please refer to the “grind adjustment” information above to understand better.
  • A good espresso needs a good crema, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the best espresso must have the thickest crema.
  • Crema depends on the dosage, grinding, nature of the bean and pressure. A balance tamp plays a part too.


Fineness and dosage are purely a matter of personal preference. The suggestion below, are our recommended settings.
User can go with their own calibration as they prefer.

Understanding how to measure dosage weight

  1. Have a double filter basket ready. Weigh the unladen weight of the basket.
  2. To get the dosage weight, minus off laden weight from unladen weight.

Calibration (Double Dose)

  1. First go to the timer control, turn it to two dosages. (2 dots)
  2. Click for activation.
  3. Check the duration and weigh how heavy is the dosage.
  4. If it’s 14-15 grams and 12 seconds, it’s at our recommended values.


A video of tuning the Bezzera BB005 Grinder to 1 gram per second:


  1. Make a cup with both single basket with 1 dose, and double basket with 2 doses and see if the flow
  2. If it is not flowing right, adjust accordingly.


Tips: We will suggest the timer control set to just a single dose.
If you need two doses, hit the button again after you grind the first dose.
Before you hit the second time, knock your portafilter a little to knock heaps or clusters of coffee powder flatter down.
This way, there’s more room for the 2nd dose to come down and not spill all over.



Espresso flows down too quickly.

It’s either:

1) Powder not fine enough.
2) Powder not enough
3) Tamping is not balance.
4) Coffee is not fresh enough.

(3) depends on the user and (4) depends on the quality of beans.

If the coffee is not fresh, the oil on the bean will dissipate and produce much lesser crema.

If the tamping is not balance, with one side higher than another. Pressurised water may escape more easily from the side with a thinner bed of coffee.



Please follow the following video on some tips on tamping:





Espresso flows down too slowly.

It’s either:

1) Powder is too fine.
2) Powder is too much
3) Tamping is too hard.
4) Pressure is too much

(4) is normally not the case and (3) depends on the user. Please refrain from tamping too hard as there’s no benefit that it will make your espresso better.

(1) and (2) depends on the grind and dosage setting.




This video explains grind setting that concerns point (1)

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 425 x 250 x 375 cm
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