How to fix Bezzera BB005 Grinder not coming out coffee and how to clean the grinder

Bezzera BB005 Coffee Grinder 2023

Help! Why is my grinder not coming out coffee?

I can hear the motor spinning, but the burrs are not moving!

Is my grinder dead?

No, the grinder is most likely jammed or stucked.

Problem 1: Nozzle has choked

You can peep through and see if it’s stuck with coffee. Remedy with the following if that’s the case.

You may need a 2.5mm hex Screwdriver, also known as an Allen key

If you are not inclined to handle the repairs, please request technical support and send it to us.

Bezzera BB005 jammed


Power off grinder


Unplug the grinder

Bezzera BB005 grinder jammed

Remove all coffee from the hopper

Bezzera BB005 coffee spinning

Use the 2.5mm hex screwdriver and remove the screw on top of the nozzle.

Bezzera BB005 grinder coffee jammed

Remove the nozzle

Bezzera BB005 coffee grinder stuck

Check if the nozzle is clogged.

This happens if the user obstructs the delivery passage while the coffee comes out.

Bezzera BB005 no coffee out

Or this area is choked with coffee that has caked up.

Nonetheless, vacuum and clean this area.

Bezzera Grinder stuck

Put the nozzle back. Ensure that there are no gaps underneath.

Bezzera BB005 filled with coffee
You won’t want this to happen.
Bezzera Grinder jammed

Make sure that the nozzle is pushed in and properly aligned.

Bezzera BB005 grinder faulty

Test if it now works with some coffee.

If it works, what you can learn from this is to clean the grinder regularly.
Clean by brushing the nozzle.
Or dismantling the nozzle and vacuuming the coffee outlet.
This can happen sooner if the coffee you use is very oily or if you put your portafilter too close and block the delivery passage.

If it doesn’t work and the burrs are still not spinning. The grinder could be jammed.
Don’t worry, and try the following.

Problem 2: The grinder is jammed

If you have made wide adjustments, this could be the issue.

Bezzera BB005 jammed


Power off grinder


Unplug the grinder

Bezzera BB005 broke down

Remove all coffee from the hopper

Bezzera BB005 troubleshooting

Turn the grind setting 10 to 20 FULL rounds anti-clockwise towards (+).

Remember roughly how many rounds you made

Bezzera BB005 jammed with no coffee

Check if it starts spinning now.

Most likely, it should.

Bezzera BB005 motor spinning

Test if it works

with some coffee.

If this works, wide adjustments on the grind setting were likely made. This could potentially jam any grinder!

Making minor adjustments at a time or adjusting while the grinder is spinning could keep this from happening.

If it doesn’t work, then bad news. It must be something else.

Most likely, something hard went through it and busted something up at one point or the gear inside has worn due to too much usage.

Foreign objects hidden in coffee, such as metal fragments, stones, etc are common if the roasters did not perform adequate destoning. Destoning is the process of removing foreign objects from the coffee. This is usually a two party task, done by both the farmers and roaster. Such foreign objects could cause immediate failure or blunt off the teeth of the gear which could cause a failure later.

Fortunately for the Bezzera BB005 grinder, it is engineered to sacrifice a gear when this happens.
The gear though robust and could grind through thousands of kilos of coffee, will break and sacrifice itself upon something extraordinary hard enters the grinder. This prevents the motor from getting destroyed, resulting in more expensive repairs.

In some rare cases, the gears have worn out if the grind setting was accidentally set extremely fine till the burrs touch or the grinder was damaged by the user when they removed the grinder the clean and did not reassemble correctly.

Like any manufacturer, please note that such damages on the gear are not covered in the warranty. Such occurrences are not due to a defect in the machine but are related to external factors and the quality of the coffee beans used. Such damages on the gear can be evidently seen upon inspection as the teeth on the gear will be broken. Users are encouraged to check with their roasters ensure their coffee beans have been properly destoned, confirming that the completion of this process.

You can submit the technical support form and send the grinder for repair or inspection.
Please mention if you have done the troubleshooting.



Q: Will I have the same problem if I get a low-retention grinder?

Yes, the same problem happens to any electrical grinders. Coffee sticks and balls up at any opportunity, and making wide adjustments will cause the grinder to jam.

Q: Can the problem be fixed with the above solution?

The instructions given above should fix 90% of the reported issues.

For the 10% that has to be sent back, every piece we received to date could be repaired, thanks to the clever installation of the sacrificial gear.

Q: What about cleaning the internal burr?

The safest and easiest way is to use the Pulygrind crystals.

Together with vacuuming the nozzle, it should be clean enough.

It’s not uncommon to see customers who destroy their grinders after they dismantle the grinder to clean, so we don’t advise doing that.

Q: Can you help me clean or clear the jam?

Yes, the service can be ordered from Maintenance Service for Grinder

Service does not include any repairs, including replacing the gear assembly.

Q: Can the instructions be used on other grinders?

More or less, yes.

You might be unable to access the nozzle easily, or you may have to remove the upper burr.

Suggest doing the steps for freeing the jammed grinder first.


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