What are the weirdest questions we’ve been asked and what you should not do with your coffee machine?

Here we are going to answer some of the strangest questions we were ever asked. Please do not take the following information as professional advice, and apply a lot of common sense before following any.

Why is my espresso machine not working without water?

This is a legit and clever question.

Your coffee only becomes a beverage when water washes out the oil from the coffee beans. The coffee machine is not squeezing out your espresso from the coffee beans like it’s making peanut butter. So yes it needs water to work.

Do you think it’s okay to put this 30kg coffee machine on my glass table?

Not do with your coffee machines

We thought deep about this.

Consider that you will need to tamp and press the coffee, and we are not surprised that some users use their full 100kg of body weight. We don’t think it’s a good idea.

I’ve put my full body weight pressing the coffee but it’s still extracting too fast. Should I apply more force?

If you can get someone with another body weight to press together, it probably helps.

Else you can consider adjusting the grind size smaller to increase the resistance.

I will like to put my coffee machine in the toilet, do you see any problem?

Totally reasonable thing to do.

But consider the moisture and humidity inside, and how germs could travel around. We don’t recommend it.

Can I put milk instead of water in the water tank and it makes me a latte as the milk passes through the coffee?

If you ever attempt to do that, that would be the last time you will be using the machine. Strongly not recommended.

My machine is infested with insects after placing it in the backyard, how do I prevent this from happening?

Place it indoors?

Can I put soybean or other beans instead of coffee into the machine?

You can put them in, but don’t ever switch on the machine until they are removed.

Sometimes the grinder can’t grind that last bean stuck around the hopper, I have this urge to push that bean in with my FINGER.

weirdest questions

This is mildly psychopathic. Don’t ever put any fingers into the grinder.

Now you know what you should not do with your coffee machine.

We hope it helps.

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