Bezzera B2013 AL (Single group)

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A winner for the highest durability in a commercial setting, with the best flavours in every shot.


The B2013AL requires hard wiring, it doesn’t come with any plug

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Bezzera B2013 AL

The only commercial espresso machine offered by us and why is it all we need.



Before we look at the specifications, we often forgot about the durability. The more components in the machine, the higher chance of things going wrong.
Here are the components in the machine compared to most genres of heavy class espresso machines.

  1. Water level regulator ( Main controller)
  2. Electronic temperature controller
  3. Pressure regulator
  4. Pump
  5. Power relay
  6. Boiler electromagnetic valve
  7. Grouphead electromagnetic valve
  8. Heating element

The parts that often fail are parts that move the most, that’s normally the pump.  The Bezzera B2013AL has no pump! It operates only by water pressure from your water inlet.
The main controller is a simple one that makes sure that the water level is alright before the machine works on activating the rest of the components.




Many may think that the Bezzera B2013 AL has no features and controls, how can that be tasting good? That’s where most people are mistaken.

The average shots extracted by the Bezzera B2013 AL is generally better than most genres of espresso machines. Matter of fact, it is comparable to the most expensive class of pressure profiling machines that are of exorbitant price, with a lot more components and are expensive to service.

The Bezzera B2013 AL is a machine that runs on dynamic pressure,  runs on its own form of pressure profiling.
The pressure slowly builds up high before a gradual reduction. This reduction of pressure helps greatly in producing a better espresso as the later part of the extraction gets bitter from the lack of lipid and colloid from the oil. The lowering pressure reduces the bitterness as it reduces the energy to the coffee and amplifies the clarity of every espresso.



Channelling issues, a common term by barista. Meaning the coffee doesn’t extract nicely or evenly as expected.
What are the things from a machine that helps to reduce channelling issues are:

  1. Pre-infusion
  2. Reducing vibrations during the extraction.

That’s another field where the Bezzera B2013 AL glows.  There’s always a huge amount of pre-infusion. and there’s no vibration to disturb the coffee bed during extraction. Most vibrations come from the pump’s action as it pushes water to go through the coffee, this can be a very rough process. The Bezzera B2013 AL works differently, it has no pump. It simply allows the water chamber to be filled up and soak the coffee with a lot of water till the pressure slowly builds up. The user now releases the springs to compress the coffee out and this action does not produce any vibrations.


The Bezzera B2013 AL with its thermosiphon system, helps users to repeat shots quickly without worrying about thermal stability.
The large boiler allows more water usage without influencing much on the machine. The way it extracts, always release a wide spectrum of flavours, of balanced intensity. It reduces the importance of thermal stability and users can worry less of a variable factor.

Since it is a heat exchanger boiler, users can brew coffee and froth milk at the same time. Water is always fresh, giving coffee a clean taste. The Bezzera B2013 AL, do not require daily backflushing. Only a flush of hot water and a wipe of the shower screen will suffice.

We will recommend getting separate single groups for easier operation if multi groups required.


Grouphead.. Thermosiphon Lever Grouphead
Number of Groupheads.. 1
Boiler Type.. Bezzera’s Improved Heat Exchange System.Water always fresh.
Pump type.. Not available, manual refill
Quick Start Up.. No
Quick Steam.. No
Operation.. Lever
Indicator Lights.. On, off, heating
Boiler Capacity.. 5 Litres
Water Tank Capacity.. 0 Litres (Plump in only)
Water Tank Access.. Not Available
Plumb in connection.. Yes
Pressure Gauge.. Steam
Internal Control.. Heavy Duty Pressurestat
Boiler Construction.. Copper
Chassis Construction.. Painted steel plate body and satined stainless steel (AISI 304).
Steam/Water Valve Type.. Manual valve
Low Water Cut Off.. Visual
Low Water Indication.. Visual
Heat Resistant Wands.. Heat Proof Grips
Cup Warmer.. Yes
Number of Portafilter Holders.. Single and double
Place of Production.. 100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera
Place of Assembly.. 100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera (By Hand)
Dimension.. 490 x 495 x 780 MM
Net Weight.. 42 KG
Gross Weight.. 52 KG
Power Supply.. 220-230V 50-60 Hz
Nominal Power.. 2000 W (Hard wiring required)
Warranty.. 1 Year



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