Bezzera BZ13 DE PID


The Bezzera BZ13 DE PID, features two programmable buttons for automatically dispensing coffee by volumetric amount. Incorporating digital temperature control for enhanced precision and stability, permitting extended hours of operation with unwavering quality. The rapid start-up and excellent thermal stability ensure a consistent creation of flavorful espresso, cappuccinos, and tea, even for larger groups of people.

Note: The BZ13 line has been replaced by the Crema series, which has wooden knobs and other finishing.

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Bezzera BZ13 DE PID Electronic Dosing

Real Barista Quality

Cafe Quality Extraction

Bezzera BZ13 DE PID Espresso machine adopts the BZ Thermal Efficient Grouphead. They are designed to last with a very serviceable design and have a very fast startup time optimize
Discover coffee again. Change the expression from the same coffee with different techniques.


BezzerA makes 80% of its parts, which are made to exceed commercial specifications.

Bezzera BZ13 DE PID Anatomy Coffee Machine

Main Features

Programmable dosage control

The machine has three buttons to activate the pump for extraction.

The first two buttons can be programmed by volumetric amount and the last button is for manual activation.

Faster start-up time and Thermal recovery

Among the fastest espresso machines in the professional range. Quicken the start-up time by almost half with a separate heater at the grouphead. Active heating maintains its thermal stability in any condition.

PID Digital Temperature controller

The professional digital controller allow better temperature control and thermal stability.

Less cleaning, Clean espressos with better clarity

The Grouphead is designed to be cleaner and requires less cleaning. Espressos taste clearer with fewer pollutants in the cups.

Commercial grade Components – Non-Toxic

All Bezzera machines are equipped with a full suite of safety components, as used in their commercial range.
All metals, gaskets and lubricant used are food-grade.

Brew Pressure Gauge

The machine comes with a brew pressure gauges to determine any anomalies during extraction or whether to detect any problems with the pump

1.5L Handmade COPPER boiler

The thick copper boiler allows a fast start-up time and thermal recovery.

The boiler design can hold a lot of steam for latte or cappuccino at a high capacity.

Heat Exchange Boiler

Produces espresso with better clarity, using only fresh water. Able to froth milk and extract espresso simultaneously without requiring a mode change for each task. Higher durability and serviceability

Capable of running for longer hours

The machine uses a industrial grade relay which could withstand long hours of running like a cafe machine.

The relay is shielded from thermal stress to greatly extend the component’s lifespan.

Designed for perfection

Bezzera’s engineering


Designed based on the science of coffee

All machines are designed to be homogenized with the Science of Coffee that Italy coffee institutes have heavily studied. The hydrodynamics are designed to achieve the target of achieving well-made espressos with the right parameters using the user’s least effort.

BZ Crema Extraction 1

Built like Rolls Royce, Serviceable like Japanese Automobiles.

Bezzera’s designs its systems to achieve the correct thermal and pressure equilibrium by hydraulic designs instead of adding too many unnecessary electronic components, each with a finite lifespan. The more features, the more points of failures.

New features are stress tested and heavily studied to determine if they provide significant real-life benefits or could cause detrimental effects on the machine’s longevity before adding.


What is the difference between the Bezzera BZ10, BZ16 and Crema?

The machines are all using BZ grouphead and heat exchanger systems. All the machines can froth and brew coffee at the same time.

ModelBoiler Start-up TimeBoiler capacityPumpWandTemperature controlSuitable for leaving machine on for longer hours?Water tank capacityPlumbable?
BZ108 minutes1.5 litresVibrationJoystickPressure sensorNo3 litresNo
Crema PM8 minutes1.5 litresVibrationJoystickPressure sensorNo3 litresNo
Crema PM PID8 minutes1.5 litresVibrationJoystickDigital controlYes3 litresNo
Crema DE PID8 minutes1.5 litresVibrationJoystickDigital controlYes3 litresNo
BZ16 with Vibration pump12 minutes2 litresVibrationJoystickPressure sensorYes4 litresNo
Bezzera BZ16 (Plumb only)12 minutes2 litresRotaryJoystickDigital controlYesNot availableYes

What is the difference between a Vibration and a Rotary pump?

Vibration pumps have a duty limit 2:1. For every two minutes of work, It has to rest a minute. Most extractions are less than a minute. Over-hitting the limit is unlikely under normal usage. Vibration pumps are much cheaper to replace.

Rotary pumps do not have a duty limit and are the same pumps used in cafe machines. They are quieter and can stand against abuse of usage better.


GroupheadBezzera’s Commercial Thermal Efficient 58mm Grouphead
BoilerBezzera’s Improved Heat Exchange System
PumpCommercial Grade Vibration Pump
Quick Start UpYes
Quick SteamYes
Grouphead controlDosage panel: 2 programmable by volumetric and 1 manual button
Boiler capacity1.5 litres
Water Tank Capacity3 litres
Water Tank AccessVia removable top tray
Plumbable to water networkNo
Pressure Gaugebrew
Temperature ControlPID Digital temperature controller
Boiler materialPure copper
Main chassis materialStainless steel AISI 304 body
Steam and water wand control typeJoystick
Indicator LightsPower and PID display for temperature
Low Water Cut OffYes
Low Water IndicatorVia PID Display
Heat Resistant WandsHeat Resistant Grips
Cup WarmerYes
Number of Portafilter Holders1 (Double)
Number of Portafilter baskets2 (Double and Single)
Blind filter providedyes, stainless steel Blind filter
free AccessoriesCoffee Powder Scoop and Plastic Tamper
Free Cleaners100 Tablets Of Pulycaff Grouphead Detergent 1.35g and 1 25ml bottle of Pulymilk Frother Cleaner
Place of Production100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera
Place of Assembly100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera (By Hand)
Dimension (W x D x H)250 x 450 x 375 MM
Net Weight18.5 KG
Gross Weight22 KG
Power Supply220-240V 50-60 Hz
Resistance (W)1100 – 1300 W
Warranty6 Months (Extendable to 12 months)
Link to official website: Bezzera

Speciality coffee for all ages.

Iced latte for the young?

More videos and Reviews on The Bezzera BZ13 DE PID

The DE PID version is the most premium range of the BZ13 series, with both a PID and an automatic dosage dispensing panel. The PID allows better manipulation of the temperature and better thermal stability. The dosage panel allows the user to program two of the buttons for extraction based on the volumetric amount. Although it looks small, it has all the strength to make cafe-quality coffee. The Bezzeras are among the fastest heat exchangers in the market. The boiler is ready in 9 minutes, grouphead in 12 minutes.

Bezzera has continuously tried to improve the engineering, components and the type of material used.
Every newer version is always better.

They are very serviceable, and it’s common to see decade-old machines still well performing and looking like new.

Bezzera User Guide
Review from Whole Latte Love on the BZ13 which is similar to the Crema

Warnings and points to note.

Be careful of hot surfaces, water and steam at all times.

Cleaning and usage guide can be found in the New starter’s guide

Always use water softeners to reduce limescale formation.

Avoid using any power adaptors or extensions to avoid an unstable power supply or overloading.

Do not leave the machine idling unnecessarily, especially for models without PID. Copper boilers reheat quickly, there’s no need to leave the machine always on.

Do not allow vibration pumps to activate for more than 2 minutes.

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