Bezzera E61 Grouphead Service Kit


Original Bezzera E61 Grouphead Service Kit.

For users who like to service their grouphead on their own.

  • You will require at least 1ml of food grade grease for the servicing.

Delivered in 2-3 working days

Bezzera E61 Grouphead Service Kit

This works for Bezzera E61 grouphead and is not intended for the BZ or Spring Piston. We are unable to confirm if it has full compatibility with all brands but it should work with most using similar build.

Original parts from Bezzera using food grade materials, not sourced from China which are mostly made of high lead brass and unreliable gaskets.

Bezzera E61 Grouphead Service Kit

Food grade grease is required.


Instructions found on Youtube:


Do not cross thread when fitting screwing in the parts! Cross threading can destroy the grouphead and the damages are not reversible!

Servicing should be done when the machine is cooled down and not pressurised. The wand should be placed in the off position.




We do not have further instructions.

No guarantee or warranty is given and servicing should be done by a qualified technician.

Kits sold are NOT refundable or returnable, we are not liable for any damages or hurt that could be caused by the rectification.


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