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A traditional design used by baristas around the world.


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  • About Bezzera

    In 1901, Luigi Bezzera invented the first modern espresso machine. Bezzera is the only company that has over a century of experience in manufacturing espresso machines with proven track records of quality production. 

  • Machine comes with the following free additional gifts:

    10 sachets Pulycaff 3.5g Grouphead Detergent Powder
    1 25ml bottle of Pulymilk Frother Cleaner

    *Free gifts are not exchangeable or offered with any warranty.


    For more information, please refer to Bezzera Woody Range


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    Before passing to the courier, we will fill the boiler with a little water and kickstart the machine to clear off any air lock issues that 1/20 users might encounter. This air lock issue can cause some users to have difficulty starting the machine, which can also lead to damaging the pump. For machines with rotary pump, sometimes the pump seizes up after long periods of storage. Thus, this service of testing before delivery will mean that you will have fewer possible problems during your own installation. Payment must be made in advance and NO onsite installation is done. Service is valid for espresso machines and available for Singapore orders only, For overseas orders, it will not be recommended to send a machine with water inside and such air lock issues can easily recur from pressurization while on airfreight. Service does NOT include installation of piping or drainage system. The couriers do not provide any level of onsite training.


    • 100 S$

    We brought down the selling price of the espresso machine by $100 by reducing the warranty period by 6 months. If you feel that it's necessary to reinstate back to a full 1 year warranty, you can add it back from the above. Valid for Singapore orders only.


    Water softening is an important maintenance process that should be done all the time. Do note that limescale damages or damages from the descaling process are NOT covered in the warranty.
    View more information here: Why we must soften the water.
    Instructions on softening can be found here: Bezzera water softener

    Each cartridge is good enough for up to 40 litres of water retrieved from the tap within Singapore. If you are using bottled mineral water, treated water from filters that remineralise, or somehow the water source you are using is unusually hard. Then these softener cartridges may not last long or remove enough and you should replace them more often. We will strongly advise users against using such water.

    For this model, you will need the modification kit to be able to use the water softener cartridges. If you request for "Test before delivery" above, we will install the softener on your machine as well, please let us know if we should not.

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Bezzera Mitica

Bezzera Mitica Espresso machine adopts the traditional E61 grouphead, which has always been revered as the benchmark for commercial quality.

Making a latte with E61





With the commercial-class E61 Grouphead, users can expect to produce the same coffee quality as in cafes.

Once thermally ready, coffee will be extracted within the correct range of temperatures and pressure.
This brings out the best flavours in the coffee, which are never produced in most automatic or domestic class machines


Dual Pressure Gauge

The machine comes with two essential pressure gauges.

Bezzera dual gauge
Brew pressure gauge (left), Boiler pressure gauge (right)


  1. Brew pressure gauge

    Reads the pressure of your extraction.
    This will be very useful to determine any anomalies during extraction or whether it is done correctly.
    Also used to detect any problems with the pump

  2. Boiler pressure gauge

    Reads the pressure of your boiler.
    This shows the machine’s readiness and detects whether the machine is heating or has sufficient steam.


2 Litres Boiler

The E61’s grouphead is warmed by hot water circulated from the boiler. The larger the boiler, the better thermal stability it can achieve.

During extraction, hot water will be displaced with fresh cool water pumped in. Based on Bezzera’s findings, a 2 Litres boiler is the minimum size for an E61 grouphead installed with a heat exchanger system that brings the best stability to brew temperature. If the boiler is too small, the temperature may drop too quickly during extraction and cause a lot of volatility in thermal equilibrium around the grouphead. A common issue with smaller boiler E61


Strong Steam For Frothing

With a 2 litres boiler, it can hold enough steam to produce froth for latte or cappuccino at a higher capacity.
They are good enough for a restaurant for a single barista to handle.


Heat Exchanger Boiler

A heat exchanger boiler is an advanced boiler in a boiler design.
There are many advantages to the user, which is why many cafes in Italy still stick to using this reliable system.

Usage advantage

With the heat exchanger, the user can froth and brew simultaneously. Enjoying the benefits of multi-boilers.

Improvement in clarity

Heat Exchanger Temperature profile range
The temperature in degrees Celcius against time in seconds.


Extraction is the process of washing out the outer surface of the coffee particle.
Albeit it’s disputable what range of temperature is best suited for coffee, it is recommended not to go beyond 92 degrees Celcius for a darker roast, which is the preferred type of coffee preferred or familiar with most.

In an extraction, especially if the portion of coffee is kept standard or considered small by current practice. For example, the traditional standard dose of 6.5g to 8g per espresso.
The amount of favourable particles that can be drawn from the coffee is most within the first half of the extraction, usually before 15 seconds or less than 20ml.

The longer the extraction, the chance of felt astringent increases. This explains why a declining profile, be it in temperature or pressure, is often felt to express better clarity in the coffee, with fewer astringents polluting the favourable profiles.

Reliability and more affordable maintenance

Instead of having two boilers to maintain two temperatures, the machine only has one boiler to handle both tasks.
This means that the number of components required is fewer, and the points of failure are likewise reduced.

The cost of general repair is related to the complexity of the machine, and a simple heat exchanger has much lesser components to fail or replace.



Fresher Water

Being a heat exchanger means only fresh water from the tank will be used for brewing, instead of using stagnant water kept in the boilers of single or dual-boilers.


High-Quality Bezzera Boiler

Bezzera boiler

Many manufacturers purchase their components from 3rd party vendors around the world of unmeasured quality and reliability. Bezzera welds and makes all their boilers from their factory in Milan. Boilers are tested and certified to meet high-pressure requirements to ensure they are safe for usage.

Bezzera scrutinizes all its suppliers with the most stringent performance and material integrity requirements.  All metal fittings are produced in Italy, and most are by Bezzera. This is a stark difference compared to many companies who outsource or purchase components wholesale and only do assembling in their factory without many tests or evaluations done.


High-Quality Components

All components that are used in the machines, including switches, solenoids and pumps, are primarily made in Europe. Made for professional machines.
Partners include Sirai, Olab, Parker, Gicar, etc. These are the same producers that supply parts to the highest-end coffee machines in the market.


Copper Boiler

A safe material with natural anti-microbial properties to continuously kill 99.9% of bacteria that cause hospital-acquired infections, keeping water in the boiler always potable. One of the most conductive metals on earth, making the machine very efficient in starting up and recovering from lost heat. It will never rust like steel or release lead from brass. It will only oxidise and increase its antimicrobial properties as its ages.

The boiler is not insulated for heat to radiate to the cup warming tray.


Food Grade Material

Users from Europe discovered that many espresso machines, including cafe machines, are leaching a considerable amount of toxic metal. That includes aluminium, lead and other metal that can cause bioaccumulation and toxification. Potentially causing organ damage, cell mutations and other complications.

Bezzera’s machines were among the safest, topping lab test results compared to its peers. It’s interesting to know that some users who own machines with stainless boilers fared worse with a high level of lead detected in the water. That’s because the fittings that connect the tubes are still made of brass which may contain lead and food-grade brass are not easy to acquire since they are not easy to tool.

That’s not a problem for Bezzera as they own their state-of-the-art factory, carry out R&D and produce most of its main parts in-house. With over 100 years and a vast amount of R&D done to understand what’s best for the machine and the user. The machines are safe enough for us to feel assured that our own family can use them


Non-Overengineering Approach

Many modern appliances don’t last as well as in the past.
As many appliance makers add more features to their components to appear favourably in the specification sheets to edge over their competitors.
However, including more features added to a machine, the more components and complexity it has, which tremendously impacts its long-term longevity and reliability.
All electronic components have a rated lifespan.

Being the historical inventor of modern espresso machines.
Bezzera understands that a good espresso machine’s two main functions are producing the appropriate heat and pressure for extraction.

An espresso machine is a machine that takes a lot of wear and damage from electricity, limescale formation from the water, and wearing of gaskets. Many of the elements are hard to control.
Similar to an automobile and requires regular servicing.

Bezzera carefully designs its systems to achieve thermal and pressure equilibrium by hydraulic designs instead of adding too many unnecessary components, particularly electronic parts.
Before adding features, the functions are heavily studied to determine if they provide significant real-life benefits or could cause detrimental effects on the machine’s longevity before being added.

Many components are made with high-quality metal to improve their durability from significant failures and are also designed to be as serviceable as possible.
So users can expect to be able to use it for decades with proper servicing and maintenance.

All machines are tested in their factory before being delivered.

What’s very important to know is all machines are designed to be homogenized with the Science of Coffee that Italy coffee institutes studied.
This is a different approach from many producers in the market that add functions based on their judgement.





What is the difference between Aria, Magica, Mitica and Galatea Domus?

The four models are all using E61 and a heat exchanger system.

Other than the appearance, here are the differences.

ModelGroupheadBoiler CapacityPumpWandAble to withstand longer operation periodsWater tank capacityPlumbable?
MagicaE612 litresVibrationJoystickNo4 litresNo
Magica PIDE612 litresVibrationJoystickYes4 litresNo
MiticaE612 litresVibrationJoystickNo4 litresNo
Mitica TOP PIDE612 litresRotaryJoystickYes4 litresYes
Galatea Domus (Discontinued)E612 litresVibrationTurn tapNo4 litresNo


Vibration pumps have a duty limit of 2:1. For every two minutes of work, it has to rest a minute.
Rotary pumps do not have a duty limit and are the same pumps used in cafe machines.

The Mitica TOP PID is a downsized commercial-class machine for heavy-duty usage.

The Aria is a new machine which has a smaller 1.5-litre boiler, has a faster start-up time and is smaller.


More videos on Bezzera E61

Iced latte for hot weather?




Be careful of hot surfaces, water and steam at all times.
Do not allow vibration pumps to activate for more than 2 minutes. Allow half amount of rest time for any long duration of activation.





Grouphead..Commercial Grade E61 Grouphead
Boiler Type..Bezzera’s Improved Heat Exchange System
Pump type..Commercial Grade Vibration Pump
Quick Start Up..No
Quick Steam..Yes
Indicator Lights..On, off, heating
Boiler Capacity..2.0 Litres
Water Tank Capacity..4.0 Litres
Water Tank Access..Via flapping tray
Plumb in connection..No
Pressure Gauge..Steam & Brew
Internal Control..Internal Pressurestat
Boiler Construction..Copper
Chassis Construction..Stainless steel AISI 304 body
Steam/Water Valve Type..Joy stick
Low Water Cut Off..Yes
Low Water Indication..Light
Heat Resistant Wands..Heat Resistant Grips
Cup Warmer..Yes
Number of Portafilter Holders..2 (Double and Single with baskets)
Free Accessories..Metal Blind Filter, Coffee Powder Scoop and Plastic Tamper.
Place of Production..100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera
Place of Assembly..100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera (By Hand)
Dimension (W x D x H)..320 x 450 x 400 MM
Net Weight..22.7 KG
Gross Weight..25.2 KG
Power Supply..220-230V 50-60 Hz
Nominal Power..1350-1550 W
Warranty..6 Months

Link to official website: Mitica

Bezzera Mitica
Bezzera Mitica

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