Bezzera Shower Screen


The shower screen is a component that can be replaced easily.

Image will look different depending on different model for different groupheads.

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Bezzera Shower Screen

Do note that units purchased overseas maybe of earlier versions and are not compatible with the Bezzera Shower Screen.

We will not be able to advise if the Bezzera Shower Screen works with machines not purchased from Fine Coffee Company or our authorized distributor.
We will not be responsible for any incompatibility.


The following compatibility list only applies to machines distributed by Fine Coffee Company.

E61 Grouphead (8mm):


  • Mitica TOP
  • Mitica
  • Magica

BZ Grouphead:

  • BZ09
  • BZ10
  • BZ13

Strega Grouphead:

  • Strega TOP
  • Strega



Replacement instructions:


Warning Gaskets must be properly fit, else the portafilter might not lock properly which can result in it coming off during pressurisation. Release of portafilter during pressurisation can cause an explosion of hot water from the grouphead causing hurt and damage. We will not be responsible for any damages incurred during the replacement. Gaskets sold are not refundable.


You may want to replace the grouphead gasket too. If you need our service to replace for you, you can order the service from the following: Grouphead maintenance service



Replacing E61 Grouphead gasket

Instructions will be similar to the following videos.

[alert]Using a food-grade lubricant which you can find on our store can make fitting back in much easier as shown in the below video. We will strongly recommend getting some and they last for a long time for many purposes. You can get it here: Food grade lubricant. [/alert]

Replacing Spring Piston Grouphead gasket

For Bezzera Strega, you can use the E61 instructions but you may want to replace the screen as well as it is more easily damaged.


Replacing BZ Grouphead gasket

Instructions will be similar to the following video.


Bezzera Shower Screen
Bezzera Shower Screen

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