Bezzera Portafilter Gasket


  The portafilter gasket is a component expose to the most wear and tear. It’s affordable and can be replaced by the user.


Applying a good food-grade lubricant makes it a lot easier to fit the gasket into the grouphead. Always perform the replacement when the machine is not hot.


Delivered in 2-3 working days

Recommended to be replaced every year, or when the gasket hardens or cracks.

In some cases, if the gasket wasn’t replaced soon enough, it may get baked into the grouphead, and you may need our maintenance services to get it resolved.

We will not be responsible or able to advise if the Bezzera Portafilter Gasket works with machines not purchased from Fine Coffee Company or our authorised distributor. We are unable to confirm if the gaskets work with third party filter holders, shower screens or baskets. We will not be responsible for any incompatibility.

The following compatibility list only applies to machines distributed by Fine Coffee Company.

E61 Grouphead (8mm):


  • Brewtus Double Boiler with Vibration Pump
  • Brewtus Double Boiler with Rotary Pump
  • Expobar Office Pulsar
  • Expobar Office Control


  • Aria Classic
  • Aria TOP PID
  • Mitica TOP
  • Mitica TOP PID
  • Mitica
  • Magica
  • Magica PID
  • Galatea Domus
  • Unica

Strega Grouphead:

  • Strega TOP
  • Strega

BZ Grouphead

  • BZ07
  • BZ09
  • BZ10
  • BZ13
  • BZ16
  • Crema

For machines manufactured before 2015:

Machines produced before 2015 were using the old gaskets which were stiffer.

Bezzera has phased out this gasket because the BZ range are generally lighter machines and having a stiff gasket could shift the machine when the user tightens the portafilter.

New design, for machines manufactured from 2015 onward:

All BZ grouphead machines manufactured after December 2014 are provided with a new design of gasket for the grouphead, which is softer and makes it very easy to lock the portafilter.

User fastening with just a finger strength
They are soft enough you can fasten the portafilter with one finger

No leaks despite not feeling tight from the high quality soft gasket.
Despite feeling loose at around 5pm angle, there should be no leaks.

End users will much appreciate this new upgrade, the machine feels easier to handle when you fit the filter holder compare to any other machines.

Some users might perceive the 5 to 6 O’clock lock as being too loose or not sufficiently tight. However, it does provide an adequate seal. The sensation of the gasket being overly soft and requiring excessive turning likely stems from comparisons with older gaskets that have hardened over time and feel more rigid

Still, it is possible to use either the old or the new gaskets on all old and new BZ grouphead machines.

To know your manufacturing date, refer to the back page of your user manual or refer to the labels behind the drip tray.

Bezzera BZ grouphead gasket New
Bezzera BZ grouphead gasket (New version) Notice it’s round.

Replacement instructions:


Gaskets must be properly fit, else the portafilter might not lock properly which can result in it coming off during pressurisation. Release of portafilter during pressurisation can cause an explosion of hot water from the grouphead causing hurt and damage.

We will not be responsible for any damages incurred during the replacement. Gaskets sold are not refundable.

You may need to replace the shower screen too, item can be found here: Bezzera shower screen
If you need our service to replace for you, you can order the service from the following: Grouphead maintenance service

Replacing E61 Grouphead gasket

Instructions will be similar to the following videos.

Using a food-grade lubricant which you can find on our store can make fitting back in much easier as shown in the below video. We will strongly recommend getting some and they last for a long time for many purposes. You can get it here: Food grade lubricant.

Replacing Spring Piston Grouphead gasket

For Bezzera Strega, you can use the E61 instructions but you may want to replace the screen as well as it is more easily damaged.

Replacing BZ Grouphead gasket

Instructions will be similar to the following video.

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