Bezzera Steam Wand Service Kit


The basic kit for servicing a leaking steam wand.

  • This is for servicing wands that can't stop leaking steam. Before you consider changing these gaskets, it could be part 2 is too tight and that releases the steam, loosen part 2 may help. It is also normal that the wands release residual steam gradually, or have water drips from condensation.

    Replacement of these gaskets will be a little more challenging, users will have to be technically capable enough to perform the task. There are no further instructions.

    • 9 S$

    You will need to lubricate all contacts with grease and this is the correct one used originally in the factory.

    • 18 S$
  • Delivered in 2-3 working days (Singapore)

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This should work with all Bezzera machines that uses joystick steam wands, purchased from us. This kit is for machines manufactured from 29.01.14.
If the top or bottom of part 19 leaks when you switch on the steam wand, then this kit will be needed.

Service kit consists of only part 15, 16 , 17 , 18 and 21 .

15: 7496072 OR GASKET 121
16: 5471532 SPRING
17: 5190501 COMPLETE CUP
18: 7496073.01 GASKET OR 115 EP856 (Replaced 5494017 OR GASKET 115 EP856)
21: 7496084 Gasket

Food grade grease may be required but should be applied sparingly.

You will need a 22mm wrench which is not provided. For BZ13, you will need a crowfoot wrench.

Youtube instructions from Whole Latte Love


Servicing should be done when the machine is cooled down and not pressurised. The wand should be placed in off position.

Do not overtighten. If leaks persist, you can apply a layer of plumber tape which can withstand high heat on the bottom threads of part 9.



We do not have further instructions.

No guarantee or warranty is given and servicing should be done by a qualified technician.

Kits sold are NOT refundable or returnable.


Bezzera Steam Wand Service Kit
Bezzera Steam Wand Service Kit

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