E61 OEM Portafilter Gasket – Expobar


Produced by Expobar, a professional company dealing with commercial machines.
Made with the same hardness and material used in Bezzera.

The portafilter gasket is a component expose to the most wear and tear. It’s affordable and can be replaced by the user easily.


Applying a good food-grade lubricant makes it a lot easier to fit the gasket into the grouphead.

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E61 OEM Portafilter Gasket – Expobar

Recommended to replace the E61 OEM Portafilter Gasket – Expobar every year, or when the gasket hardens or cracks.
High quality and food grade.

This should fit any E61 machines using the E61 Grouphead gaskets with 8mm.

The following list are examples of machines using the E61 Grouphead.

E61 Grouphead (8mm):


  • Brewtus Double Boiler with Vibration Pump
  • Brewtus Double Boiler with Rotary Pump
  • Expobar Office Pulsar
  • Expobar Office Control


  • Mitica TOP
  • Mitica TOP PID
  • Mitica
  • Magica
  • Magica PID
  • Galatea Domus
  • Unica
  • Aria
  • Aria TOP PID

Expobar Portafilter Gasket



We will not be responsible for any damages incurred during the replacement. Gaskets sold are not refundable.

Gaskets sold are not refundable, we are unable to confirm if it works with machines and portafilters from other brands.

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