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Invented in Italy by Puly Caff, first in the world since 2002!
Prepared with purified food grade raw materials.

Comes in 10 sachets, each sachet comes with 15g of cleaner.



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Pulygrind Grinder Cleaner

Made of all natural occurring ingredients.
It is made of small gluten-free, food-safe starch crystals with a high grease absorbing powder.

Unlike other cleaners that use pallets, Pulygrind Grinder Clean is harder to dislodge trapped powder and absorbs coffee oil in the process. The crystals do no damage to the burrs.

Pulygrind Grinder Cleaner is a professional cleaner meant for cleaning grinders easily.
Users can now clean their grinders without worrying about recalibration or damaging their grinder in the process.

Cleaning the grinder is not absolutely necessary, but these are our recommended frequency of usage:
For commercial – once to twice a week at least.
For small environment – once every 1-2 months at least, depending on consumption level

Key advantage:
• Regenerates the burrs without dismantling the grinder.
• No need to recalibrate the burrs setting.
• Innovated patented technology.
• Super-concentrated, even more active than tab or pallet form.


User Instructions:



1. Keep out of reach from children.

2. Not for human feeding


Puly Caff is a subsidiary unit from Asachimici group who had been formulating cleaners for the food industry since 1890.
The brand Puly Caff was specially established for the coffee sector and their products are of the highest premium standard formulated by chemists with baristas.

It is the most preferred brand used by professionals and households in Italy and for most demanding.
Highly recommended by established manufacturers of espresso machines, particularly Bezzera, the engineering family who invented the first espresso machines.

All Puly Caff products are made in Italy.


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